You see our blogs, speak with us over the phone and meet us at our events but do you really know the CI Team Members… like really know us? Well guess what today is your lucky day! We are bringing back our You’ve Been Captured! employee feature to give you a better sense of who we are. Yes, we are THE BEST DARN Photographer Dealer in the world… but we are also moms, dads, wives, husbands…and most importantly humans.. at least we think we are:)

This month we are featuring our shortest team member, Kyra Bodrick! Meet the lovely southern belle as she shares a little about her CI work life and favorite things!

Meet Kyra



Kyra Evette Bodrick

Inducted into the Capture Integration Family:

April 2017

Current Role:

Brand Manager

Choice in Work Music:

Earth, Wind & Fire, Khalid or something smooth with a Cigar Bar vibe…. think Speakeasy 🙂


Favorite Genre of Photography:

Fashion & Glamour! Our client, David Benoliel is one of my favorite fashion photographers. As you can imagine, I’m super excited to hear him speak at our Standout Atlanta event this year… Nov 7th to be exact. (event plug, lol)

Fun Fact:

I am a certified etiquette & image coach!  I’m passionate about helping people polish their image, develop their style and present their best selves! I also enjoy making fabric button earrings in my spare time:) (Plugs: Highfalutin Etiquette & Image | Kyra Evette & Co.)


What or Who is your Inspiration in Life?

My children, (Alicia, 12 and Aiden, 7) are my inspirations! I am inspired to do more… be more… and achieve more… because I want to build a legacy for them and their children’s children.

What is your Favorite Dish?

PIZZAAAAA! I love making homemade pizzas with fresh mozzarella, arugula and prosciutto as my toppings.

Favorite Place to Travel To?

THE BEACH, the Isle of Palms in South Carolina to be exact! I am a Charleston (Town of Ravenel) native so you can imagine that I’m very spoiled when it comes to great food, beach life and great vibes.

Do you have a Favorite Memory from Work?

Listen, when you work for Capture Integration there is no way to pick just one memory as a favorite. We are a very talented team with huge witty personalities. Get all of us in a room and you will leave with your face hurting from laughter or your eyes wet from emotional moments (or maybe that’s just me 🙂 ).

During the summer months on Fridays, we set aside about an hour to grill or order food, eat together as a team and discuss our weekend plans. That’s my favorite.

Stay tuned to see who we are going to Capture next!