Phase One continues to improve their Industry leading Medium Format Camera system with the release of an upgrade to the Auto Focus sensor. 


HoneyBee Autofocus Platform Upgrade 2.0 for the Phase One XF Camera

The XF Camera is designed to be a modular camera, evolving with new features and tools over time. The Honeybee Autofocus Platform is no exception. HAP has been built to expand as new technology and customer feedback is received. Phase One XF Camera owners now have the option of upgrading their existing Honeybee Autofocus Platform (HAP-1) to the newly introduced HAP-2 autofocus module.



HAP-2 Auto Focus Improvements

The HAP-2 module is a big step forward in XF autofocus performance. The sensor has been redesigned to improve sensitivity and response. With additional Dynamic Range, HAP-2 provides a notable difference in all scenarios for the professional photographer.

This optional hardware upgrade replaces the existing HAP-1 with a new version of the physical autofocus sensor. The new HAP-2 sensor has increased light sensitivity and improved dynamic range, making it superior to the HAP-1 sensor in low light situations and when used on low contrast targets.

Apart from increased auto focus sensitivity, all functionalities and features of the XF Camera are available on the XF Camera with either the HAP-1 or the HAP-2 AF module.

HAP-2 is supported from Feature Update #3 SR4 (CP3.09.3fwp) Firmware can be downloaded from


HAP-2 features include:

• Improved low light performance – 2.5 Stop increase in autofocus sensitivity

• Improved Dynamic Range – 1 Stop improvement in high-key scenes


HAP-2 Upgrade Process for your XF

The upgrade of your existing XF Camera will require the system be returned to a Phase One service center. The upgrade service can be scheduled for a timeframe that best fits your working schedule and should be returned in no more than 5 working days once received. Initial inventory of HAP-2 sensors will be constrained, so there is a limited number of upgrades per week that can be scheduled.

To upgrade from the HAP-1 autofocus module to the new HAP-2 autofocus module, please contact Capture Integration.


Identifying your XF Camera’s Honeybee Autofocus Platform

The current version of your XF Camera’s Honeybee Autofocus Platform (HAP) can be identified on the XF Camera’s About screen.

1. Access the XF Menu by pressing the Top Rear Key of the XF Camera Body.

2. Navigate to the About screen at the bottom of the Main Menu using the Top Dial.

3. Use the Rear Dial to enter the About screen and identify the “AF“ module installed on your XF Camera.



Is the HAP-2 upgrade required for XF Camera Tools and Features? 

The HAP-2 upgrade is an optional upgrade for XF owners. The Tools and Features of the XF Camera are available whether you choose to keep your HAP-1 autofocus module or upgrade to the HAP-2.

What are the benefits to upgrading the HAP-1 Autofocus module to HAP-2?

HAP-2 is designed to improve autofocus performance under certain operational conditions and will not affect the functionality of autofocus dependent tools in the XF Camera.

What is the cost of the HAP-2 upgrade?

The HAP-2 upgrade is covered under a standard upgrade service from Phase One at a price of $890 USD.

What if I just upgraded to the XF body?

Any CI customers who purchased in a new camera body in August will not be charged to have their AF system upgraded to the HAP-2 platform.


Please reach out to your CI salesman or the support team to get your serial number in the queue ASAP!


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