We are currently testing the updated Service Release of Feature Update #3 for XF and IQ series digital backs. The beta had been testing well and had completely corrected the previous timing issues with the leaf shutter lenses, but had introduced some variability in autofocus acuity that we will soon determine if has also been remedied.

Download is available below for trailblazers..

Please see our Download Archive for Feature Update #3 Service Release 2

Tech Notes: 11/11/16

We’re seeing some issues regarding false warnings of Power Too Low, Error #202.  

Many of the affected cameras flag the error immediately upon the completion of the firmware update, on others it shows up what seems to be randomly, even though the battery has good power, and is lodged properly in the battery compartment. The camera stays powered and the camera will continue to shoot, but the top screen will toggle between the histogram and the warning, not allowing you to get to top camera controls. If your camera exhibits this behavior, within the same powered-up session that the problem is happening, please put a CF card in your digital back, go to your IQ Menu–>Firmware Update–> DumpLog and store that file to your CF card.  Please email that Log001.txt to along with your camera serial number. 

Tech Notes: 11/22/16

There have also been some reports of a lag between when the camera boot/wakes up and when the autofocus becomes available for use.  The autofocus system seems to sleep longer than the rest of the system from boot or wakeup, but once it actuates the first time, it seems to work and continue to work properly.  This latency sometimes lasts as long as ~20 seconds through multiple attempts to engage. 

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