Thru direct testing and client documented experiences we have found that there are some conflicts in the Firmware Update #3 for XF that can cause Capture Errors and Mirror Box errors on some XF cameras. In a few rare cases the functionality of the prism viewfinder was also negatively affected.


Phase One is aware of the problem and are working on the fix, but if you haven’t updated already, you should likely stay in Firmware 2 until an update is made.  The problems seem largely related to the use of leaf shutter lenses and may cause your leaf shutter lenses to act oddly.

One work around if you don’t want to downgrade the firmware is to select Focal Plane Shutter mode thru the XF Capture Menu to disable leaf shutter operation entirely.

Even if you have upgraded and so far have not had any problems, please keep Firmware #2 for XF on a CF card and in your kit in case you encounter errors that prohibit you from shooting.


Downgrading Tip:

If you have to revert to XF Firmware 2, please make sure that if you were using TTL in the Profoto setup, that you turn TTL off (back to manual head control) before reverting the firmware, because TTL will stay on and you will have no access to turn it off in the version 2 firmware.

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