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As we plan and prepare our calendars for 2014 workshops, I look back on the many great memories from the previous workshops and seminars. Early morning sunrise hikes. 10 hour lighting set-ups and tear-downs. Long nights (some of which involving practical jokes). Lots of great images. These always prove to become great bonding experiences. Our team really enjoys spending time with our clients. While we always spend a lot of time communicating via email, phone and texting – nothing can replace the face to face experience. And we’ve developed a workshop formula that really works. Here’s an inside perspective about why you should join us on our future workshops….

10. Meet The Manufacturers

capture integration workshopsDigital medium format is a very unique segment of the photography market. While you can sometimes meet and interact with manufacturer reps at events and the rare trade show, it’s rare to connect and develop any kind of relationship. Even the major players in this field work with very small teams. Our partners enjoy collaborating with us for all events, but especially our workshops. Where else can you have the ability to drill them about upcoming R&D secrets, bend their ear about what you think they should change, and even receive excellent instruction – all over a few beers?

ALPA is visiting our New England Grand Opening and will be offering a complimentary ALPA technical workshop. You read that correctly. The ALPA team is traveling from Switzerland and offering a free workshop for our clients. Where else can you find that? But ALPA won’t be alone. Also attending: Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Hasselblad, Broncolor, Profoto and Eizo. RSVP here.

9. Break Bread With Capture Integration

capture integration workshopsWe don’t spend enough face time with our customers. It is so valuable to meet face to face and spend a week together. We always find that we share so many non-photo interests with our clients. So it’s always refreshing (and rewarding) to make these little connections and enjoy a week getting to know each other better. We strive to host unique workshops that are not cookie-cutter in any form. It’s our goal to select a private home/estate instead of booking a hotel block whenever possible. We’ve found that having everyone congregate in a single place creates a bond that hotel conference rooms cannot replicate. We share great food and wine together. And as always, there’s usually one or two nights when the fun progresses to hijinks – especially after the bar opens.

8. Shoot With The World’s Best Photography Equipment

capture integration workshops
Where else can you test drive any digital back, with any lens, with any camera system? Our last workshops featured tech cameras from Cambo, Sinar, Arca-Swiss and ALPA. Where else can you find that?! Compare the characteristics of a file: Phase One, Hasselblad, Mamiya Leaf, Leica, Sinar, and even Pentax – take your pick. Whether you want a personal demonstration for comparisons, or if you’re looking to test drive something before you make the purchase – this is your prime chance to test everything out there before making a decision. You can work with direct with our technical team – especially useful to develop this relationship for any future troubleshooting / consultation as you become accustomed to your new system.

7. Congregate With Other Photographers

capture integration workshopsThis is among the most valuable take-aways from our workshops. Again, the medium format atmosphere isn’t very large. Sure, the online forums provide a nice environment to discuss this crazy profession / obsession / hobby. But meeting and congregating with like-minded folks is so underrated. This provides the opportunity to compare/contrast professional markets/regions (it’s fascinating to listen to the talks on rates, strategies, obstacles, etc.), debate the Rodenstock 32HR or Schneider 35XL, or maybe connect faces with online personalities. One of the most satisfying results from our end is seeing the end-users connect.

6. Learn From The Masters

capture integration workshopsThis is the obvious draw for most, but let’s look at how big this really is. When we begin planning a workshop concept, we choose clients at the TOP of their game to share their craft. It’s not enough to be just OK at what they do. We pick the respected top photographers to dive into their craft and share their secrets with you. By pairing you with a great teacher (loaded with years of experience) – you don’t travel miles and miles – only show up to see a talking head sales script. Our instructors put in long hours in prepping, researching, and scouting to ensure that the attendees walk away with the right tools and resources. This isn’t a simple powerpoint slide deck. This is one of the leading architectural photographers showing you first-hand how he lights a casino shoot. And showing you how he estimated the job. On a sunrise or sunset shoot, you will have one of the top landscape photographers hovering over your setup, showing you how to nail the scene. As a bonus – our clients brag that the instructors also stay in touch AFTER the workshops – often making themselves available for consultation, critique, etc.

5. Expert Software Training

capture integration workshopsCapture Integration offers Capture One Pro Bootcamps – in both half-day and full-day installments. Learn from the experts how to drive this industry-leading software and customize your workflow. Whether you are a seasoned professional or transitioning user from Lightroom, there is always something beneficial here for everyone. While we’ve been offering the Capture One Pro classes for years – our tech team can offer additional training as well (Phocus, Digital Asset Management, etc.). We use this home theater (photo above) for software training in Montana. This is roughing it.

4. Break Into A New System

capture integration workshopsWe have clients that shoot fashion or food with their medium format system, but want to add a Cambo technical camera to their arsenal for landscape photography. On the flip side, we see technical camera gurus that want to test the Leica S system. When our customers realize that we bring “everything but the kitchen sink” to our workshops, it draws attention to the fact that this is the prime opportunity to both expand your own system/technique/format – as well as learn a new system. Our approach is unique – in that we ask attendees what equipment they would like to see, and then do our best to deliver. We have even had international customers travel to learn a new system and receive proper training before purchase.

3. Exciting Destinations and Luxury Settings

capture integration workshopsMount Desert Island, Maine. Kalispell, Montana. Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Yosemite National Park. Glacier National Park. Carmel, California. The list really rolls on and on. The best photography equipment on the market is best paired with incredible destinations. And we even develop rates for your spouse or friend. If you want to bring a non-participating attendee along for the ride, we can always accommodate.

2. Competition

capture integration workshopsEverybody enjoys a good ol’ competition. When you take a bunch of gear-heads and arm them with the best photo gear in the world – then mention competition – things gets fun and HEATED. The most memorable competition of 2013 arose at our Jeffrey Jacobs architectural workshop. Two teams. Two captains. Two assistants. Two custom cabins. Light them using the techniques you’ve learned from assisting Jeffrey Jacobs. May the best team win. While the prizes were pretty great, everybody wanted the bragging rights. Which one is your winner?

1. Step Up Your Game

capture integration workshopsWhether you are a seasoned veteran or you are moving into medium format for the first time, here’s where you see the investment pay off. After spending a week with the experts, you will see things from a different perspective. Go behind the scenes. You will deliver better files to your clients. You will learn techniques that set you and your work apart from the crowd. Develop a better workflow. Invest a week of your time to take your craft to the next level. And have a blast while you’re doing it.

An overall excellent workshop, from the location, to the instructors to the Capture Integration Staff. An 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. I am already looking forward to the next one!! 

Capture Integration workshops provide a unique opportunity to photograph in a great location, alongside like minded dedicated photographers and with access to the very best in photographic tools from the multiple world class vendors. When I was looking to take the next step to the very best in digital camera systems, the CI workshops gave me the opportunity to experience using the best equipment in real world shooting situations. Assisted by world class instructor photographers and both dealer and manufacturer representative support, I was able to decide for myself what were the best tools for my photography needs and more importantly learning how to use them effectively. This alone was an invaluable experience. 

The very first image, the absolute first image we worked on after the workshop was greeted by my client with a single word (a huge client of mine, that I’ve worked with for years) – “Spectacular”. We drew on Jeffrey’s techniques a lot to create that image. I’ve never done a seminar before, I learnt how to use a camera in from library books and chatting with professionals, I will attend at least one every year from now on – at least at this calibre. There are half-a-dozen techniques from the workshop, from Jeffrey AND other attendees we immediately implemented. And they work, really work. 

2014 Workshops

We are currently working on our 2014 workshops. Maybe Hawaii? Maybe Puerto Rico? Clients have requested landscape, portrait, food and architecture. What do you want to see? Where do you want to go? Contact us today to put your name on the list.

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