1. 17.76% Off July Rental Orders

In celebration of Independence Day starting July 1st – July 31st, mention the “1776 Deal” when you call in to schedule your rental and receive 17.76% off your entire rental order!

2. $150 Weekly Lens and XF Back Up Body Rental

Enjoy the Phase One Experience Starting Now Until June 30th!
Have you been wanting to try the latest lens on the market, but the price just wasn’t right?

WEEKLY lens rental rate includes all Phase One Schneider-Kreuznach lenses. FedEx Express 2nd Day round-trip shipping to all continental US states.

Shipping Cost:

Round-Trip Express Shipping to West Coast – $120
Round-Trip Express Shipping to East Coast – $80
Round-Trip Express Shipping to South East – $65

Contact us today to reserve your next rental.

Call Us Today @877-217-9870!

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