Cambo Wide RS 1250 Kit – $7,990

This kit includes:
Cambo Wide RS 1250 Tech Body
Cambo RS 40mm T/S HR Lens
List price  $12,150

ALPA 12 Plus – $10,990

ALPA 12 Plus Body
ALPA 90mm HR Alpagon SB34 Lens
List Price $17,990

ProductList PriceSales Price
Cambo Wide RS 1000 Body$2,250$1,125
Cambo Wide RS 1250 Body$3,750$1,875
Cambo Wide RS 32mm HR Lenspanel$10,468$7190
Cambo Wide RS 40mm HR T/S Lenspanel$8,250$6550
Cambo Actar 120mm with Lensplate$1349$890
ALPA 12 Plus Body$7,200$5,990
ALPA 12 FPS Body$8,050$6,550
ALPA 72mm Apo Digitar Lens$3,990$2,490
ALPA 90mm HR Alpagon Lens SB34$8,770$6,250
ALPA 90mm HR Alpagon Lens SB34 with E250 Shutter$10,220$7,490
ALPA Bellows Ballpro T/S NEW$1324$999

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