A few weeks back, we had a great  Tech Camera Sale with a lot of meat and potatoes – camera bodies and lenses dominated. But as everyone knows, it’s the little things that make the difference, and there are a lot of accessories that make the whole thing work.

We dug a little deeper into our closet and found a bunch of valuable accessories from Cambo, Alpa, and Sinar. Some of these are Open Box, some are Demo, some are Certified Pre-Owned. All are great values!

We have included the part numbers for easy reference.




Alpa ItemsNew PriceSale Price
Alpa ScreenHolder Set with GG - 310.010.005$894$400
Alpa ScreenHolder Set with GG - 310.010.008$984$400
Alpa Smart Device/iPhone Holder III - 070.060.010$547$200
Alpa MK II iPhone Holder - 070.050.025$795$125
Alpa Acam Super Wide Converter for iPhone - 070.050.005$59$40
Alpa Standard Viewfinder Mask - 130.000.000$98$35
Alpa Shift Scale Viewfinder Mask - 130.200.000$166$45
Alpa Custom Multi Lens Viewfinder Mask - 130.250.000$245$55
Alpa Leather Neckstrap - 370.020.010$324$135
Alpa Back Adapter Phase One IQ - 190.035.011$1295$750
Alpa Interchageable, Large Spirit Level - 400.120.010$561$175
Alpa Sync Cord MK II for Phase One - 170.800.462$397$175
Alpa Sync Release MK I - 170.800.010$609$275
Alpa Stitching Adapter, Max, MK I - 010.700.105$264$135
Alpa Stitching Adapter, Plus - 010.710.105$264$175
Alpa Shift Scale for 12 Plus - 400.120.166$86$55
Alpa Pro Lens Shade - 500.100.010$561$175
Alpa Rosewood Grip, Right, STC/Max - 040.700.015$415$225
Alpa High Precision Focus Rings (various) - 500.000.000$288$125
Alpa Accessory Adapter, w/Bubble Level - 400.060.010$334$205
Alpa/Novoflex Copal 0 Adapter - 450.020.040$189$100




Cambo ItemsNew PriceSale Price
Cambo WRS Rearplate for Mamiya RB 6x7 Filmback – WRS-1068$545$425
Cambo WRS Rearplate for Hasselblad -V interface – SLW-80$455$325
Cambo WRS Rearplate for Hasselblad -H interface – SLW-89$542$375
Cambo WRS Rearplate for IQ3/CREDO interface – SLW-83$519$375
Cambo WRS Rearplate for Mamiya/Phase 645 AFD interface – SLW-89$489$235
Cambo WRS Macro Adapter 17 mm extension – WRS-1017$665$395
Cambo WRS Mounting adapter for Compendium/iPhone – WRS-1095$105$65
Cambo WRS Accessory Shoe Holder with 2-point fixation – WRS - 1075$105$65
Cambo WRS Optical Viewfinder - WDS-580$899$375
Cambo WRS Viewfinder Mask (many lenses)$189$40
Cambo Graflock Adapter Hasselblad-H1 Interface$759$275
Cambo Actus Bayonet Kit for Sony E-Mount – AC-786$79$59
Cambo Actus Optional Bayonet Holder for DSLR/Mirrorless bayonets – AC-78E$219$145
Cambo Actus Wide Angle Bellows (40mm extension / 1-fold) – AC-212$318$255
Cambo X2 Pro Lensplate Copal 0 – X-223$59$45
Cambo X2 Pro Lensplate Copal 1 – X-224$59$45
Cambo X2 Pro Recessed Lensplate Copal 0 – X-228$99$75
Cambo X2 Pro Bellows w/Nikon Bayonet – XBN-35$333$235
Cambo X2 Pro Bellows w/Mamiya Bayonet - XBM-35$459$300
Cambo X2 Pro Mount for Nikon D3 (built-in Grip) – X-823$199$135
Cambo X2 Pro Mount for PhaseOne DF / Mamiya AFD – X-844$199$135
Cambo X2 Pro Mount UNIVERSAL - X-899$299$215
Cambo X2 Pro Mount for MamiyaZD - X-841$199$125
Cambo X2-Adapter Lensplate. f/Hass.CF Lens – XA-231$385$200
Cambo ULBC-35 Special bellow with Canon Bayonet – ULBC-35$319$175
Cambo Panoramic Level Head with QR plate (includes CLH-510) – CLH-533$415$245
Cambo CBH-6 Ball Head (for cameras up to 11 pounds) – CBH-6$459$275




Sinar ItemsNew PriceSale Price
KaptureGroup 1 Shot Cable Soution$395$125
Sinar M645 Adapter for P3 - 556.64.036$745$200
Sinar M645 Adapter, 86H - 552.45.042$1090$225
Sinar M645 Interface for Sliding Back - 551.32.293$645$150
Sinar Hasselblad V Interface for Sliding Back - 551.32.292$645$150
Sinar P3 Adapter Kit for 86H/54M - 552.64.036$980$275
Sinar Wide Angle Bellows EL for P3 - 455.12.000$767$275
Sinar LC Shutter 100 - 551.65.020$2295$350
Sinar Optical Viewfinder, Shoe Mount for LanTec$785$150
Sinar Copal 0 Recess Board for eShutter - 443.11.520$385$55
Sinar Bino Relfex Magnifier and Hood for P2 - 23-4019$1342$200
Sinar Meter Holding Frame w/GG - 23-2027$1032$200
Sinar Snap On Lens Shades for LC Shutter$132$25
Sinar Adapter Ring for LC Shutter/Compendium, 72mm$98$20
Sinar Adapter Ring for LC Shutter/Compendium, 49mm$98$20
Sinar DB lens board for 55mm$N/A$20
Sinar 12" Rail Extension for P Series - 422.21.000$158$25
Sinar 6" Rail Extension for P Series - 421.21.000$188$25
Sinar Remote Release for Sliding Back - 97-6193$456$125
Sinar Joint Rod - 23-1015$281$65
Sinar Hasselblad EL Control Cable - 551.63.064$113$50
Sinar Hasselblad CW Control Cable - 551.63.063$113$50
Sinar CW Control Cable for Eyelike Emotion - 551.64.083$113$50
Sinar Diital Back Screws for Eyelike Emotion - 163.088.440$14$5
Sinar Swiveling Cir Pol Filter Holder$862$125
Sinar Sinaron 90mm/5.6 lens in CMV Shutter - 25-3176$4,723$350
Linhof Optical Viewfinder, Shoe MountN/A$100

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