Dave McRitchieHere at Capture Integration we are always emphasizing teamwork, being a team player, trusting your teammates and generally making sure that we are all pulling in the same direction.   Of course we are not the only business that does this, or tries to embrace the team culture, but we really buy into it as a group and it made me realize that the teamwork is all around us on a daily basis helping to contribute to small successes both on a professional and personal level.

My nephew, Bryan Macias, is headed off to the US Army this summer at the tender age of 18.  I was looking for something fun to do with him before he goes and he suggested doing the Tough Mudder.  For those who don’t know it, Tough Mudder is a 10-mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces that challenges every muscle and bone in your body.  Last weekend, Bryan and I headed up to Mount Snow, VT to tackle the course set on the grassy ski slopes and boasting over 3700ft of elevation changes.

Teamwork is an important part of completing the course and one of the most fun parts of the event is the camaraderie that is part of the event.

Tough Mudder

With a little help from your friends; step-up from Bryan on the inverted wall.

After about an hour on the course we reached the aptly named “Arctic Enema”.  A muddy bath of ice filled water housed in a large dumpster.  In the middle of the ice bath is a wall that forces you to go under to get to the exit.  What keeps you going?  Teamwork!!  Knowing that your teammate is beside you and you are both “in this together”.

After about 3 1/2 hours, we both made it to the finish line and the one thing that I can say is that we are all in better shape with my nephew serving the country’s military!  He not only has 30 years on me, but he is physically and mentally strong – and just an all around great kid that dragged his old uncle through this course.

Teamwork was evident again later in the week at elementary school with my son Euan (9).  My favorite day of the year when I was at elementary school back in Scotland was Sports Day.   Back home, it was always a sure bet that the weather would be terrible, but it never dampened the spirits of the classes that were thrown into competition with such favorites as the “egg & spoon” race, the 3 leg race and of course the old champion of teamwork – Tug o’ War.   My kids have never heard of the first two events, but they do have the Tug o’ War.  No victory this year for Euan’s class as they were eliminated in the first round, but it was all smiles!

Tough Mudder

Euan is 5th from the right.

10 years ago, Dave Gallagher, sat down and wrote a business plan that centered its core business around medium format digital systems and was 100% focused on the customer experience.  From humble beginnings in Dave’s Atlanta, GA apartment, Capture Integration has stayed true to the original vision and now stands as the only nationwide specialist in the field, with satellite offices in Miami, New England, Dallas and Los Angeles.  Dave will be the first to admit that this growth and success was not achieved alone.  CI embodies TEAM.  We live it every day.  We are a unique collection of specialists and have a great trust between each other. Simple team building activities; grilling lunch on a Friday at the Atlanta office; “biggest loser” weight loss competition (yours truly taking home an iPad for 30lbs lost!); web meetings to discuss new products with manufacturers; tech dept status updates, are all a part of the weekly team approach.  The teamwork and infrastructure that has been built is here for you.  As a reader of this blog and a customer of Capture Integration, you should consider us as part of your team.  Typically a photography business is a solitary gig.  Maybe you have an assistant, maybe a studio manager, maybe a customer service manager etc.  but most unlikely is that you have a technical resource like is available to you  from Capture Integration.  We love a challenge!  How do I……?  From complex imaging challenges, to on the job urgent tech support, we are here to help.  Download this PDF file and drop it onto your dock in the MAC OS and we will always only be a click away!  And considering a Tough Mudder and looking to build a team?    Yeah maybe not……….


Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder