Sinar and Leica for a Strong Future

Sinar p MF-L

For Sinar, the merger with Leica opens up great perspectives. The competence and expertise of these two companies enable groundbreaking new developments that shape the market and the brand. With headquarters in Zurich and regional manufacturing Sinar products are and remain of genuine Swiss origin. The global dealer network will be maintained and expanded if required. As our customer you benefit from innovative Sinar products and expanded worldwide service & support: For more local presence and to specifically meet your Sinar needs. Contact Capture Integration to learn more about this exciting collaboration.

Sinar p MF-L – The Leica S Integration

The Sinar p MF-L was developed especially for photographers who wish to avail themselves of the unique quality characteristics of a Sinar view camera while using the Leica S camera body. Exact control of perspective and selective sharpness, the most important creative tools in photography, are set and evaluated precisely on a view camera – all these advantages are now available for Leica S users. In addition, this solution offers the benefit of a distinct increase in quality by using high-resolution Sinaron lenses designed specifically for digital imaging.

  • Unlimited creative freedom for image composition
  • Usage of existing large format lenses
  • Universal application of available medium format Leica S camera
  • Cost-saving by use of existing Sinar view camera as digital solution
  • Quick change from vertical to horizontal format
  • Enhanced quality with the use of Sinaron HR lenses 90 – 210 mm
  • Versatile assortment of professional accessories, such as lens hood and filters

Sinar p MF-L


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