Prepare for a workshop like no other paired with the first class CI Experience! Join us and photographer Andy Lerman on June 5th-10th  as we explore this picture-perfect destination offering spectacular panoramic views, macro opportunities of flowers and old cars and more.  Your full compliment of equipment, from extreme wide angle to super telephoto will all be exercised during this adventure.  Depending on the weather and light conditions, the time allotted will allow for some locations to be visited more than once so that new photographic interpretations can be tried.

Why Palouse?

The Palouse, located in Southeastern Washington State and neighboring Idaho, has been referred to as America’s Tuscany.  During the spring, the rolling hills of canola, wheat, and blooming wildflowers provide a rainbow of colors.  During the early morning and late day light, the lines, textures and patterns formed by the tens of thousands of acres of farmland leave you with an amazing canvas to work with.

But wait, there’s more… Scattered throughout the Palouse are 100+ year-old barns and towns stuck in a time resembling the early 20th century.  Old cars, trucks, grain elevators and farm equipment are scattered about and await your creativity. Wind farms dot the landscape and are great visual tools.  The peak of Steptoe Butte offers wide views of the valley below. And, a short drive to the western part of the area leads to Palouse Falls, a dramatic 200+ foot canyon which leads to the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

Event Hosts

Andy Lerman, Lerman Photgraphy

Chris Snipes, CI National Sales Manager


Registration Includes

  • Through hands-on, in-the field instruction, individuals will be exposed to skills and techniques, including composition, filters, stitching and stacking
  • Phase One & Cambo Gear
  • Single Occupancy King Bed Accommodations at Courtyard Marriott Washington
  • Transportation from hotel to shooting locations
  • Our Signature CI Farewell Dinner

Refund Policy

If an unfortunate circumstance arise’s and you cannot attend this event after signing up, you will ONLY receive a refund if Capture Integration is notified 30 days before the event start day. If Capture Integration is notified within 30 days of the start of the event, you will receive a credit towards your Capture Integration account.


Cameras and lenses from both Phase One and Cambo will be available for use to further enhance the your shooting experience. Being able to experiment with this equipment will make your landscape images “sing” like never before.  A great location, a fun time, learning to improve your photography and a chance to build lasting relationships.


Courtyard Pullman

1295 NE North Fairway Road

Pullman, Washington, 99163 USA

Nearest Airports:

Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport

Spokane International Airport

Event Agenda :

Currently being created by Andy & The CI Experts.. Agenda Coming Soon!


CLICK HERE for Workshop Outline & Contacts

Meet Andy Lerman

“Wherever I go, wherever I have been, it has always been with a curious and searching eye. Where’s the light? Explore the colors. Does the setting tell a story?”

-Andy Lerman

Those who have been with me know that I take a very slow and deliberate approach to photographing a scene. I have long said it is not about how many images of a place or animal or thing that I take. Rather, it is about the one image that I see that I want to take. I do a lot of scouting prior to shooting a location. When I first visit a location, I generally leave my equipment in my vehicle. I will become familiar with the terrain, notice the positioning of the sun, tides, etc., and begin to walk in large and small circles exploring the area. I will then reverse back in the opposite direction to make sure that I have seen things that were behind me. I’ve also been known to do this while on my knees since that is generally the height at which I shoot most things. Several years ago, I had made small fiberglass cutouts based on image sizes, 3×4, 4×5 and various pano orientations. I use these cutouts to help visualize a photograph I may want to take. These days, I use an app on my phone to do the same thing, although I still carry the cutouts in case my phone’s battery dies.

Dimension and depth is a big part of how I shoot. A good friend and mentor of mine would always remind me that when you think you are low enough, get lower, and when you think you are close enough, get closer.

Learn More about Andy and review his work via his website or CI Spotlight.