Many of us were hoping that the Mamiya Leaf Credo line would introduce a 100mp system to their long line of digital systems.   Alas, this will not be the case and the Leaf Line of digital cameras will end with the 80mp back.  While this has been disappointing to many of us who have been using Leaf digital backs since the early 90’s, Phase One has continued the incredible color profiles that Leaf has been known for, and allowed all new Phase One CMOS sensors to see “Leaf Color” profiles in Capture one.  Thus making an upgrade to those backs seamless for any Leaf users.

Along with the Leaf Color profiles, Phase One has created an amazing upgrade price for any existing Credo users to upgrade to the either the IQ3 100 or the IQ3 100 Trichromatic by the end of 2017.   This is a opportunity for those leaf users to upgrade at prices that we have not seen before.


  • Upgrade your Leaf Credo Digital Back to a Phase One IQ3 100 and receive up to a 50% discount of the full system
  • Any XF purchase will receive your free prime lens of choice
  • 5 year Value Added warranty on full system including body and lenses
  • Trichromatics are available in this promotion

Promotion only good in 2017

Can not be combined with any other offers

Contact Capture Integration for specific prices on a Leaf Credo trade in. If you own a Leaf Aptus, we can help with that as well.




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