Update: the body has been released. Hasselblad is requiring the trade-in of an H1 or H2 body to receive an H4X. Individuals cannot purchase an H4X (even as a backup to an H4X) without such a trade-in. In addition the H4X is not comaptible with any of Hasselblad’s own digital backs and the H4D will remain closed. This is not the announcement many photographers were hoping for.

From Capture Integration Rumor Headquarters:

It looks like Hasselblad is about to release a new body called the H4X. It is stated to be compatible with all third-party backs which the H1/H2 was compatible with. This means H1/H2 owners who are using their body/lenses with Phase One or Leaf digital backs will be able to upgrade their bodies without having to change backs, and can upgrade their backs without fear they are being locked out of the Hasselblad ecosystem. We found this at hasselblad.com/H4x which is apparently under construction and likely not meant to be active/public. We’ve made a screen grab and attached it below in case it is taken down.

Notably the link indicates the H4X will support the HC28mm, HC35-90mm, and will sport True Focus.

The H4X provides a fantastic successor or upgrade to your H1 or H2/H2F body and supports all H System lenses, most third party backs*, and even features a film back option. The H4X also provides a technological bridge to our faithful H1 and H2/H2F customers enabling them to take advantage of all the features that photographers have come to expect from a Hasselblad H4 series camera, including Hasselblad’s world-acclaimed True Focus technology, which allows you to concentrate completely on creativity without worrying about focus mechanics, and the ability to use the HVD 90x viewfinder optimized for the 36×48mm format.

We expect this to result in a deluge of orders for H-mount Phase One IQ backs. Since the IQ is already back-ordered our recommendation to any rental houses, photographers, or studios who want to upgrade to call us right away at 877-217-9870 and get their order in before the waiting-line grows.