Capture Integration is committed to providing professional equipment when you need it. From digital backs to capture stations, our team can build the list of all of the gear and proper accessories that you will need. Cables, batteries and adapters – it’s our goal to set your job up without the last minute troubleshooting. Call our office at 877-217-9870 to set up your rental reservation. 

Local Atlanta rental pickup rate is 25% OFF the listed rates.

Digital Back Rental

Phase OneIQ28080MP$750
Phase OneIQ26060MP$700
Phase OneIQ260 Achromatic60MP$800
Phase OneIQ25050MP$675
Phase OneIQ18080MP$700
Phase OneIQ16060MP$600
Phase OneIQ14040MP$500
Phase OneP65+61.5MP$500
Phase OneP40+40MP$400
Phase OneP45+39MP$400
Phase OneP4539MP$350
Phase OneP25+22MP$350
Phase OneP2522MP$300
Phase OneP30+31.6MP$350
Phase OneP3031.6MP$300
Phase OneP21+18MP$250
Phase OneP20+16MP$250
Phase OneP2118MP$200
Phase OneP2016MP$180
Phase OneH2522MP$200

Digital Back Rental

Make ModelDescriptionRate
Leaf Credo 8080MP$700
LeafCredo 6060MP$600
LeafCredo 5050MP CMOS$600
LeafAptus-II 12 / 12R80MP$375
LeafAptus-II 10 / 10R56MP$340
LeafAptus-II 840MP$300
LeafAptus-II 733MP$265
LeafAptus-II 628MP$225
LeafAptus-II 522MP$185
MamiyaRZ33 (body/back)33MP$320

Camera Rental

LeicaS37MP Medium Format SLR $400
Leica35mmSummarit-S 35mm f/2.5 ASPH $90
Leica70mmSummarit-S 70mm f/2.5 ASPH $90
Leica120mmf/2.5 APO-Macro-Summarit-S $90
Leica180mmf/3.5 APO-Elmar-S $90
LeicaM9 Body18MP $300
LeicaM9 LensesVarious - Call for Details

Camera, Lens and Accessory Rental

Make ModelDescriptionRate
Canon5D Mark III22.3mp dSLR$150
Canon 6D20.2mp dSLR$80
Canon5D Mark II21.1mp dSLR$125
Canon5D12.7mp dSLR$80
Canon1D X18.1mp dSLR$175
Canon1Ds Mark III21mp dSLR$200
Canon1Ds Mark II16.7mp dSLR$175
Canon1Ds11mp dSLR$95
Canon5D IR12.7mp dSLR - Infrared Modified $75
Canon20D IR8.2mp dSLR - Infrared Modified $60
LeicaAdapterLeica lens to Canon body adapter $25
Capture IntegrationAdapterHasselblad V to Canon body adapter $25
LensbabySpecialtyLensBaby II with Zoom, WA, and Macro $20
HartbleiSuper Rotator65mm f/3.5 Tilt Shift lens $40
Canon Flash580EXII $25
Canon Flash580EX$25
Canon 14mm L IIf/2.8 Lens $40
Canon 15mm Fisheye f/2.8 Fisheye Lens $30
Canon 24mm L f/1.4 Lens $30
Leica28mm f/2.8 Lens $15
Canon 50mm Lf/1.2 Lens $40
Canon 85mm L II f/1.2 Lens $80
Canon 100mm Macro Lf/2.8 Macro Lens $30
Canon 200mm L II IS f/2.8 Image Stabilized Lens $50*
Canon 300mm L IS f/2.8 Image Stabilized Lens $75*
Canon 500mm L ISf/4 Image Stabilized Lens $90*
Canon 600mm L IS f/4 Image Stabilized Lens $135*
Canon 800mm L IS f/4 Image Stabilized Lens $205*
Canon8-15mm Lf/4L Fisheye USM$30
Canon 16-35mm L f/2.8 Zoom Lens $30
Canon 24-70mm L f/2.8 Zoom Lens $30
Canon 24-70mm L IIf/2.8L II USM Zoom Lens$40
Canon 24-105mm L IS f/4 Image Stabilized Zoom Lens $30
Canon 70-200mm L IS II f/4 Image Stabilized Zoom Lens $50
Canon Spare Battery An Extra Battery $5
Canon 5D Mark II Grip Vertical Battery Grip (includes 1 battery) $25
*Requires minimum 3-Day rental and pre-payment

Lenses for Canon Bodies

Zeiss21mmf/2.8 Distagon ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss28mmf/2 Distagon ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss35mmf/2 Distagon ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss50mmf/1.4 Planar ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss85mmf/1.4 Planar ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss100mmf/2 Makro-Planar ZE Prime Lens $35

H System Rental

HasselbladH4D-31 SystemH4D-31 System$400
HasselbladH2 BodyAF Body (Phase/Leaf/Mamiya Compatible) $65
HasselbladH4X BodyAF Body (Phase/Leaf/Mamiya Compatible) with True Focus$75
Hasselblad28mmf/4 AF Lens (H4X only) $60
Hasselblad35mmf/3.5 AF Lens $50
Hasselblad50mmf/3.5 AF Lens $50
Hasselblad80mmf/2.8 AF Lens $40
Hasselblad100mmf/2.2 AF Lens $65
Hasselblad120mmf/4.0 MF Macro Lens $60
Hasselblad150mmf/3.2 AF Lens $65
Hasselblad210mmf/4 AF Lens $65
Hasselblad300mmf/4.5 AF Lens $65
Hasselblad50-110mmf/3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens $75
Hasselblad35-90mmf/4-5.6 Zoom Lens (H4X only) $60
HasselbladExtension TubeMacro Extension tube for H-Body $20

V System Rental

Make ModelDescriptionRate
Hasselblad503 elm (V series) Classic square-format manual focus $30
Hasselblad501cm (V series) Classic square-format manual focus $30
Hasselblad40mmf/4 Lens $55
Hasselblad50mmf/4 Lens $40
Hasselblad60mmf/3.5 Lens $45
Hasselblad80mmf/2.8 Lens $30
Hasselblad100mmf/3.5 Lens $50
Hasselblad120mmf/4 Lens $50
Hasselblad150mmf/4 Lens $40

Body and Lens Rental

Phase One Phase One DF+645 Autofocus Body$75
Phase One Phase One DF645 Autofocus Body$45
Phase One Phase One AF645 Autofocus Body$25
Phase One 645AFD / AFDII645 Autofocus Body$25
Phase One V-Grip AirVertical Grip for DF Body$30
Schneider28mm LSf/4.5 Aspherical$60
Mamiya28mm Df/4.5 AF Digital Lens$60
Mamiya35mmf/3.5 AF Lens$30
Phase One 35mm Df/3.5 AF Digital Lens $45
Phase One 45mm Df/2.8 AF Digital Lens $45
Phase One45mm TSf/3.5 MF Tilt-Shift Lens$50
Mamiya50mm Shiftf/4 MF Shift Lens$40
Schneider 55mm LSf/2.8 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$55
Phase One80mm Df/2.8 AF Digital Lens$35
Schneider 80mm LSf/2.8 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$45
Schneider 110mm LSf/2.8 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$55
Schneider 120mm TSf/5.6 Tilt-Shift Lens$55
Phase One120mm Df/4.0 MF Macro Digital Lens$40
Mamiya150mm Df/2.8 AF Lens$50
Schneider 150mm LSf/3.5 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$55
Mamiya210mmf/4.0 AF Lens$50
Schneider240mm LSLS 240 mm f/4.5 IF
Mamiya55-110mm f/4.5 AF Lens $30
Phase One 75-150mm D f/4.5-5.6 Lens $60
Mamiya 105-210mm f/4.5 AF Lens $30
Mamiya 300mm f/4.5 AF Lens $50
Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID 6x7 Body (accepts M mount backs) $75
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II6x7 Body (accepts V mount backs) $45
Mamiya Adapter for IID Adapter for M mount backs (when you already own body) $15
Mamiya Waist Level Finder Alternative Viewfinder for RZ $10
Mamiya Battery Winder Power Winder for RZ $10
Mamiya TS Adapter Tilt Shift Adapter (for 75mm SB) for RZ $20
Mamiya 50mmf/4.5 MF RZ Lens $35
Mamiya 65mmf/4 MF RZ Lens $40
Mamiya 75mm SBf/4.5 MF Short Barrel RZ Lens $40
Mamiya 90mmf/3.5 MF RZ Lens $40
Mamiya 110mmf/2.8 MF RZ Lens $30
Mamiya 140mm Macrof/4.5 MF RZ Lens $35
Mamiya 180mmf/4.5 MF RZ Lens $35
Mamiya 250mmf/4.5 MF APO RZ Lens $80


Make ModelDescriptionRate
ALPAFPSFocal Plane Shutter$200
ALPASTCCompact With Shift$125
ALPAMAXThe Original$175
ALPAXYUltimate in Movements$200
ALPA32HRFPS 17 mount w/ HPF Ring$175
ALPA40HRSB34 w/ HPF Ring$95
ALPA50HRSB34 w/ HPF Ring$95
ALPA60XLFPS 17 mount w/ HPF Ring$95
ALPA70XLFPS 17 mount w/ HPF Ring$95
ALPA90HRSB34 mount w/ HPF Ring$95
ALPA17mm 5° Tllt Adapter$20

Body and Lens Rental

Contax645AF BodyAutofocus Medium Format Body $60
Contax30mm Fisheyef/3.5 MF Fisheye Contax 645 Lens $30
Contax35mmf/3.5 AF Contax 645 Lens $50
Contax80mmf/2 AF Contax 645 Lens$35
Contax120mm Macrof/4 MF macro Contax 645 Lens$45
Contax140mmf/2.8 AF Contax 645 Lens$50

Large Format Bodies and Lenses

CamboWideRS AEBody for ultra-wide digital photography$150
CamboWideRSBody for ultra-wide digital photography$125
CamboWideDSBody for ultra-wide digital photography$100
Rodenstock23mm HRf/5.5 HR Digaron-S Lens Panel $75
Schneider24mm XLf/5.6 Digitar XL Lens Panel $75
Rodenstock28mm HR TS f/4.5 HR Digaron-S Lens Panel $75
Schneider35mm XLf/5.6 Digitar XL Lens Panel $75
Rodenstock40mm TS lens panel f/4 HR Digaron-W Lens Panel $75
Schneider43mm XL TS f/5.6 Digitar XL Lens Panel $75
Schneider47mm XL TS f/5.6 Digitar XL Lens TS Lens Panel $75
Rodenstock60mm HRf/4 HR Lens Panel $75
Schneider72mm L TSf/5.6 APO Digitar Lens Panel $75
Schneider90mm N TSf/4.5 APO Digitar Lens Panel $75
Schneider150mmf/5.6 APO Digitar Lens Panel $75
Arca SwissM-Line Monolith 6x9 View Camera $100
Arca SwissRM3Di Technical Camera$150
Arca SwissRL3D Technical Camera$150
SinarP2 4x5 View Camera$75
SinarXModern View Camera$75
CamboUltima 23 Modern View Camera$75
Phase OneFlex Adapter Mounts Digital Backs to Large-Format Cameras $35
Sinaron35mmf/4.5 Sinaron Digital Large Format Lens $35
Schneider 47mmf/5.6 Schneider Large Format Lens $30
Rodenstock75mmf/5.6 Rodenstock Large Format Lens $30
Schneider 80mmf/4.0 Schneider APO-Digitar Large Format Lens $40
Sinaron90mmf/5.6 Sinaron Digital Large Format Lens $30
Rodenstock90mmf/4.5 Rodenstock Large Format Lens $30
Rodenstock135mmf/5.6 Rodenstock APO Large Format Lens $30
Sinaron150mmf/5.6 Sinaron Large Format Lens $30
CamboX2 ProConverts Phase/Leaf/Mamiya/Canon to a View Cameras $75
Kapture GroupOne-Shot CableShutter Release cable for P+ backs $20

Computer and Monitor Rental

AppleMac Pro 8 Core 2 2.8 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon. 10GB 667 MHz DDr2 FB-DIMM$325
ApplePortable Workstation Mac Pro, 20" ACD, Custom Cart, APC-UPS $400
AppleMacBookPro 2.6 ghz Intel Core i7 w/ 8gb ram 480G SSD$275
Apple20" ACD Monitor 20" Apple Cinema Display LCD $90
Apple24" ACD Monitor 24" Apple Cinema Display LED $120
Eizo27" Eizo Monitor27" CX270$150
Eizo27" Eizo Monitor27" CG275$200
Eizo27" Eizo Monitor27" CG276$250