Capture Integration is committed to providing professional equipment when you need it. From digital backs to capture stations, our team can build the list of all of the gear and proper accessories that you will need. Cables, batteries and adapters – it’s our goal to set your job up without the last minute troubleshooting. Call our office at 877-217-9870 to set up your rental reservation. 

Local Atlanta rental pickup rate is 25% OFF the listed rates.

Digital Back Rental

Phase OneIQ3 100MP100MP$700
Phase OneIQ3 80MP80MP$650
Phase OneIQ3 60MP60MP$600
Phase OneIQ3 50MP50MP$550
Phase OneIQ28080MP$650
Phase OneIQ26060MP$600
Phase OneIQ25050 MP$550
Phase OneIQ18080MP$650
Phase OneIQ16060MP$600
Phase OneIQ15050MP$550
Phase OneIQ14040MP$400
Phase OneP65+61.5MP$350
Phase OneP45+39MP$250

Don’t see the back you are looking for? Contact us at 877.217.9870

Digital Back Rental

Leaf Credo 8080MP$700
LeafCredo 6060MP$600
LeafCredo 5050MP CMOS$550
LeafCredo 4040 MP$400


Digital Back Rental

HasselbladH5D-50c50MP CMOS Sensor$550

H System Rental

HasselbladH5X BodyAF Body w/ Prism Viewfinder$95
HasselbladH4X BodyAF Body w/ Prism Viewfinder (Phase/Leaf/Mamiya Compatible) with True Focus$75
HasselbladH2 BodyAF Body w/ Prism Viewfinder (Phase/Leaf/Mamiya Compatible) $45
HasselbladHCD 24mmf/4.8 Wide Angle Prime Lens $60
HasselbladHCD 28mmf/4.0 Wide Angle Prime Lens $60
HasselbladHC 35mmf/3.5 AF Lens $50
HasselbladHC 50mmf/3.5 AF Lens $50
HasselbladHC 80mmf/2.8 AF Lens $40
HasselbladHC 100mmf/2.2 AF Lens $65
HasselbladHC 120mmf/4.0 MF Macro Lens $75
HasselbladHC 150mmf/3.2 AF Lens $65
HasselbladHC 210mmf/4 AF Lens $65
HasselbladHC 300mmf/4.5 AF Lens $65
HasselbladHC 35-90mmf/4-5.6 Zoom Lens$60
HasselbladHC 50-110mmf/3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens $75
HasselbladExtension TubesMacro Extension Tubes for H-Body $20
HasselbladRechargeable GripBattery Grip$10
HasselbladCR-123A Battery GripBattery Grip that requires 3 CR-123 batteries$10
Hasselblad H Battery AdapterPower for tech cameras$40

Body and Lens Rental

Phase OnePhase One XFAutofocus Body$95
Phase One Phase One DF+645 Autofocus Body$75
Schneider28mm LSf/4.5 AF Leaf Shutter ASPH Lens$60
Phase One28mm Df/4.5 AF Digital Lens$60
Schneider35mm LSf/3.5 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$60
Phase One 35mm Df/3.5 AF Digital Lens $45
Phase One 45mm Df/2.8 AF Digital Lens $45
Schneider 55mm LSf/2.8 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$55
Phase One80mm Df/2.8 AF Digital Lens$35
Schneider 80mm LSf/2.8 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$45
Schneider 110mm LSf/2.8 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$55
Schneider120mm LSf/4.0 AF Leaf Shutter$60
Schneider 120mm TSf/5.6 Tilt-Shift Lens$40
Phase One120mm Df/4.0 Manual Focus Macro Digital Lens$40
Phase One120mm Df/4.0 Autofocus Macro Digital Lens$40
Phase One150mm Df/2.8 Lens$40
Schneider 150mm LSf/3.5 AF Leaf Shutter Lens$55
Mamiya210mm ULDf/4.0 AF Lens$50
Schneider240mm LSf/4.5 IF Leaf Shutter Lens
Schneider40-80mm LSf/4.0-5.6 Leaf Shutter Lens$95
Phase One 75-150mm D f/4.5 Digital Lens $60
Schneider75-150mm LSf/4.0-f/5.6 Leaf Shutter Lens$75
Mamiya 105-210mm f/4.5 AF Lens $30
Mamiya 300mm f/4.5 APO AF Lens $50
Phase One V-Grip AirVertical Battery Grip (Built-in PocketWizard$30
Mamiya RZ AdapterRZ Adapter$20
MamiyaExtension TubesAuto Extension Tubes$20
Phase OneHassey V Lens AdapterHassey V Lens Adapter$20
Phase One L-BracketL-Bracket$10

Alpa12 FPSFocal Plane Shutter$200
Alpa12 XYUltimate in Movements$200
Alpa12 MAXThe Original$175
Alpa12 SWAShift Wide Angle$150
Alpa12 STCCompact With Shift$150
Alpa12 TCTravel Compact$150
Rodenstock23mmf/5.6 HR Alpagon$150
Rodenstock32mmf/4.0 HR Alpagon$165
Schneider35mmf/5.6 XL Apo-Digitar$95
Rodenstock40mmf/4.0 HR Alpagon$95
Rodenstock50mmf/4.0 HR Alpagon$95
Schneider60mmf/5.6 XL Apo-Helvetar$95
Rodenstock70mmf/5.6 HR Alpagon$95
Rodenstock90mmf/5.6 HR Alpagon$95
Schneider120mmf/5.6 Apo-Helvetar ASPH$95
Schneider180mmf/5.6 T Apo-Digitar$95
Alpa3D Micro Leveling HeadALPA / Linhof 3D Micro Leveling Head$40
AlpaSync SolutionOne-shot operation (handheld & with cable release)$35
AlpaViewfinder120° angle of view, with spirit level$35
AlpaiPhone HolderiPhone Holder$20
AlpaTilt/Swing Adapter0° – 5°$20
AlpaInterface PlatesMamiya, Hass. H, Hass. V, Contax$20
AlpaCenter Filters23mm, 32mm, 35mm$20
AlpaBubble LevelAlpa Accessory$10
AlpaCanonFPS Lens Mount$25
AlpaNikonFPS Lens Mount$25
AlpaContaxFPS Lens Mount$25
AlpaMamiyaFPS Lens Mount$20
AlpaHasselblad VFPS Lens Mount$20
AlpaHasselblad HCFPS Lens Mount$25
AlpaHasselblad HCLens Stitch$50
AlpaContaxLens Stitch$50
AlpaWIFI AdapterAlpa Accessory$5

CamboWRS-600Wide RS Series$175
CamboWRS-5000Wide RS Series$150
CamboWRS-1250Wide RS Series$125
CamboWRC-400Wide Compact Body$100
Rodenstock23mmf/5.6 HR Digaron-S$125
Rodenstock32mmf/4.0 HR Digaron-W$150
Schneider35mmf/5.6 XL Apo-Digitar$75
Rodenstock40mmf/4.0 HR Digaron-W$75
Rodenstock50mmf/4.0 HR Digaron-W$75
Schneider60mmf/5.6 XL Apo-Digitar$75
Rodenstock70mmf/5.6 HR Digaron-W$75
Rodenstock90mmf/5.6 HR Digaron-SW$75
Schneider120mmf/5.6 ASPH N Apo-Digitar$75
Schneider150mmf/5.6 N Apo-Digitar$75
Kapture GroupOne Shot CableShutter Release$20
SpecialtyCenter Filters(23, 32, 35)$20
CamboGround Glassw/ Loupe$20
CamboCompendium HoodCambo Accessory$15
CamboActus(Includes 1 Camera + 1 Lensplate)$125
CamboActus DB(Includes DB Interface + 1 Lensplate)$150
CamboCopal 0 or Copal 1Cambo Actus Lensplate$10
Cambom39Cambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboLeica RCambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboHasselblad VCambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboMamiya RZ / RBCambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboMamiya 645 Pro TLCambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboPentax 645Cambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboNikon FCambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboCanon EOSCambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboWRS to Actus PlateCambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboALPA to Actus PlateCambo Actus Lensplate$10
CamboInterface Plates for Actus DBCambo Actus$10
CamboCanon EOSCambo Actus Camera Mount$25
CamboNikon FCambo Actus Camera Mount$10
CamboLeica MCambo Actus Camera Mount$10
CamboMicro Four-ThirdsCambo Actus Camera Mount$10
CamboSony E MountCambo Actus Camera Mount$10
CamboFuji X MountCambo Actus Camera Mount$10
Cambo300mm Rail + BellowsCambo Actus Camera Accessory$10

Camera Rental

LeicaS (Type 007)37.5MP - 30x45mm CMOS$400
LeicaSL (Type 601)24MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor$175
Leica24mmSuper-Elmar-S 24mm f/3.5 ASPH$90
Leica35mmSummarit-S 35mm f/2.5 ASPH$90
Leica70mmSummarit-S 70mm f/2.5 ASPH$90
Leica120mmAPO-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5$90
Leica180mmAPO-Elmar-S 180mm f/3.5 ASPH$90
Leica24-90mmVario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm f/2.8-4 ASPH. $65
Leica90-280mmAPO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm f/2.8-4 $90
LeicaLeica S to Hasselblad H AdapterAllows for the use of Hasselblad's H-system lenses on a Leica S$20
LeicaLeica S to Mamiya 645 AdapterAllows for the use of Manual Mamiya 645 lenses on a Leica S$20

Body and Lens Rental

Contax645AF BodyAutofocus Medium Format Body $60
Contax30mm Fisheyef/3.5 MF Fisheye Contax 645 Lens $30
Contax35mmf/3.5 AF Contax 645 Lens $50
Contax80mmf/2 AF Contax 645 Lens$35
Contax120mm Macrof/4 MF macro Contax 645 Lens$45
ContaxExtension TubesExtension Tubes$30
Contax1.4x Teleconverter1.4x Teleconverter$30

Camera, Lens and Accessory Rental

Canon5DS50.6MP Full-Frame DSLR$75
Canon5DS R50.6MP Full-Frame DSLR$75
Canon1D X18.1 MP Full-Frame DSLR$95
Canon5D Mark III22.3MP Full-Frame DSLR$75
CanonLeica AdapterLeica lens to Canon body adapter $30
CanonHasselblad V AdapterHasselblad V to Canon body adapter $30
LensbabyLensbaby IILensbaby II with Zoom, Wide Angle, and Macro $25
Canon 600EX-RTFlash$35
Canon 580EX II Flash$25
PocketwizardPlus IIITransceiver$25
PocketwizardFlexTT5 Transceiver$20
Canon 14mm L IIf/2.8 II USM Lens$40
Canon 15mm Fisheye f/2.8 Fisheye Lens $30
Canon 24mm L IIf/1.4 II USM Lens $30
Leica28mm f/2.8 USM Lens$15
Canon35mm Lf/1.4 USM Lens $30
Canon 50mm Lf/1.2 USM Lens$40
Canon 85mm L II f/1.2 USM Lens$80
Canon 100mm Macro Lf/2.8 USM Macro Lens$50
Canon135mm Macrof/2.0 USM Lens$60
Canon400mm Lf/2.8 USM Lens$115
Canon 16-35mm L IIf/2.8 II USM Zoom Lens $30
Canon 24-70mm L IIf/2.8L II USM Zoom Lens$40
Canon 24-105mm L IS f/4 Image Stabilized Zoom Lens $30
Canon 70-200mm L IS II f/2.8 Image Stabilized Zoom Lens $50
Canon100-400mm L ISf/4.5-5.6L Image Stabilized Zoom Lens $50
Canon17mm Tilt-Shift Lf/4L Lens$65
Canon24mm Tilt-Shift IIf/3.5 II Lens$65
Canon45mm Tilt-Shiftf/2.8 Lens$40
LomographyPetzval 85mmf/2.2 Lens Canon Mount (Brass)$55
Canon 5D Mark III Grip Vertical Battery Grip$10
Canon Spare Battery An Extra Battery $5
*Requires minimum 3-Day rental and pre-payment

Lenses for Canon Bodies

Zeiss21mmf/2.8 Distagon ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss28mmf/2 Distagon ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss35mmf/2 Distagon ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss50mmf/1.4 Planar ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss55mmf/1.4 Otus Distagon T* ZE Prime Lens$45
Zeiss85mmf/1.4 Planar ZE Prime Lens $35
Zeiss85mmf/1.4 Otus Apo Planar T *ZE Prime Lens$45
Zeiss100mmf/2 Makro-Planar ZE Prime Lens $35

Large Format Bodies and Lenses

CamboUltima 4x5Modern View Camera$75
CamboUltima 2x3 Front & Rear StandardModern View Camera$75
Kapture GroupSliding Back for Phase or Leaf Digital BackDesigned for basic view camera operation &
allows both portrait & landscape digital view camera photography.
CamboStandard Bellows$25
CamboBag Bellows$25
CamboCompendium Shade$25
Phase OneFlex Adapter Mounts Digital Backs to Large-Format Cameras $35
CamboX2 ProConverts Phase/Leaf/Mamiya/Canon to a View Cameras $75
Schneider 47mmf/5.6 Digitar XL Large Format Lens $40
Rodenstock75mmf/5.6 Large Format Lens $40
Rodenstock90mmf/5.6 Sinaron Digital Large Format Lens $40
Sinaron120mmf/5.6 ASPH$40
Rodenstock135mmf/5.6 Large Format Lens $40
Sinaron150mmf/5.6 Sinaron Large Format Lens $40
Rodenstock180mmf/5.6 HR Digaron-S$40
CamboMount for Phase One Body$20
CamboMount for Canon DSLR Body$20
CamboMount for Nikon DSLR Body$20
CamboRZLens Mount$20
CamboHasselbladLens Mount$20
CamboSchneider / Rodenstock Large FormatLens Mount$20
Arca SwissM-Line Monolith 6x9 View Camera $100
Kapture GroupSliding Back for Phase or Leaf Digital BackDesigned for basic view camera operation &
allows both portrait & landscape digital view camera photography.
Arca-SwissC1 Cube$25
Arca-SwissAdapter Board$25
Arca-SwissStandard Bellows$25
Arca-SwissBag Bellows$25
Arca-SwissCompendium Shade$25
Kapture GroupOne-Shot CableShutter Release cable for P+ backs $20