Life is short do what you love!

Life is short and it is important to spend time doing what you love while building meaningful relationships that create lasting connections and memories. All of our workshops are designed with that concept in mind so you can imagine that our Olympic Park 2018 workshop was nothing short of AMAZING!

This year ALPA and Phase One sponsored our workshop featuring the talented Julian Calverley! The combined expert teaching of Julian, Alpa, and Phase One in Washington’s Olympic National Park was an unbeatable experience.

If you have never attended one of our first class workshops, NOW is the time to think about attending the next one!

We take the worlds best gear to the worlds most beautiful locations and are led by the finest photography talent today.  What is there not to like?

We are currently scheduling two workshops for 2019. If you think you might want to attend the next outing, reach out to your CI representative and they might release the two amazing locations that we have planned for next year!

Photo Credit: Patrick Tam