Tony Roslund Arch + RE 2 SO

Capture Integration loves supporting workshops and events in our backyard and around the world. Wherever there are beautiful images being captured, we want to be there to contribute our support to enhance your vision through our expertise.
May 6th and 7th we will be supporting Tony Roslund’s Architecture + Real Estate Workshop in Scottsdale. Tony works full-time shooting both food and architecture for clients across the country. Tony also helps other photographers improve their skills in his workshop series as well as tutorials for and as a writer for F-Stoppers. This workshop will cover lighting composition and techniques including real estate interior work and architecture design imagery as well as guidance on marketing and client communication. 


Tony Roslund Interior Image

Tony util
izes ARCA-Swiss Tech cameras with a Phase One digital back and uses Capture One exclusively in his image production workflow. This workshop will allow attendees the chance to see a tech-camera in use and offer a chance to see Tony’s post-processing techniques in the classroom. 
 Tony Roslund Exterior Image


This workshop sold out in less than a week. Be sure to keep your eyes open for a possible East Coast follow-up workshop. Read more about the curriculum of this unique workshop, click here to find out more!
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