The Pro-B4 is the fastest recycling battery generator on the market. At lower power settings it is able to fire up to 30 flashes per second, while the longest wait on full power is less than a second. In other words: you will never have to wait for the Pro-B4. Now how fast you can shoot depends only on your camera.

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The Pro-B4

  • Extremely fast recycling: 0.03-0.99s
  • Unmatched flash duration 1/2,000s-1/25,000s.
  • Huge (11 f-stops) power range (1-1,000Ws).
  • Tough and Robust
  • Exchangeable, high capacity LiFe (Li-Ion) battery.
  • 220 full power flashes from a single battery.
  • 45 minutes battery recharge with standard quick charger.
  • 2 individual lamp head sockets with precise control in 0.1 f-stops.
  • Integrated Profoto Air remote control and sync.
  • Several compatible flash heads available.
  • Up to 500W model light.
On-location, its performance rivals that of any mains-powered studio generator. In the studio it gets even better. The battery can fully recharge in less than 45 minutes and can be recharged while in use! This means that if the modelling light is used moderately, the pack can be used continuously.
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  • Energy: 1000Ws
  • Energy Range: 11 f-stops (1-1000Ws)
  • Energy Distribution Socket: A 1-1000Ws, Socket B 1-600Ws, N/A, N/A
  • Asymmetry Range: 7.4 f-stops
  • Battery Capacity: 50,000-220 flashes
  • Recycling Times LiFe: 0.03-0.99s
  • Flash Durations: t 0.5 1/25,000-1/2,200s
  • Modeling Lamps Total W/Pack (max.): 500W
  • Modeling Lamp W/Head (max.): 500W (or 2x 250W)
  • Modeling Light Modes: Off, Cont, Timer 10-120s, MAX, PROP, MAX PROP
  • Energy Control Increments: 1/10 and full f-stops
  • Energy/Voltage Stability: +/- 0.5% (Voltage)
  • Guide Number @ 2 meters/ISO 100 with Magnum Reflector: 64.8
  • Specified Data Conditions: ProHead Plus
  • Input Power Supply: Li-Ion Battery

Heads supported by both:

Pro-B Head: Yes
ProHead: Yes
ProTwin: Yes
ProRing: Yes
ProRing2: Yes
AcuteB Head: N/A
Acute/D4 Head: N/A
Acute/D4 Twin: N/A
Acute/D4 Ring: N/A

Sticklight: Yes
Spots: Yes
Striplights: Yes
Stilllights: Yes