Profoto’s Light Shaping Accessories are some of the best and most reliable in the business. Discover the variety of options you have to customize your lighting system and achieve the light you imagine.

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Profoto’s Light Shaping Accessories effect the following properties:

Light spread (angle) – wide to narrow
Light distribution – smooth to uneven(hot spot)
Light output – low to high
Highlights – intensity and shape
Shadow definition – shadeless to well-defined
Shadow shape – soft to sharp
Contrast (color saturation) – soft to hard
Color temperature

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Large Reflector Systems

The Profoto Giant Reflectors offer the truly parabolic and focusable silver reflectors in three sizes, 180cm (6 ft), 240cm (8 ft) and 300cm (10 ft) for an extrawide and at the same time, crisp and very even light. With a 40 percent larger reflector area than the previous largest model, the new Giant Reflector 300 is the biggest light shaping tool Profoto has ever produced. Measuring a full three meters (approx. 10 ft) across, the Giant Reflector 300 can provide the photographer with a seven square meter wall of crisp silver surface.

Profoto Giant Reflector 300 (100320)
Profoto Giant Reflector 240 (100319)
Profoto Giant Reflector 180 (100318)

Profoto Giant Silver 150 (100316)
Profoto Giant Silver 210 (100317)

Profoto Giant White 150* (100314)
Profoto Giant White 210* (100315)

Softlight Reflectors

The Softlight Reflector gives focused light, while at the same time providing soft shadow definition, thanks to its large reflecting area. It is especially suitable for lighting materials or subjects in which the structure should be  emphasized. Can be equipped with glass deflector, 10° grid and a front diffuser.

Softlight Reflector-Silver (100607)
Softlight Reflector-White (100608)

Honeycomb Grid 25/10 degrees for Softlight Reflectors (100609)
Softlight Reflector Diffuser (100714)

The Softlight Kit provides everything you need in one simple solution. Shipped complete in one box, the new kits offers convenience, versatility and the legendary Profoto quality of light at a very special price. Kit includes a Softlight White Reflector (#100608), a 25 degree Grid (#100609) and a Diffuser (#100714).
Softlight Kit (901183)

Zoom and Narrow Reflectors

Magnum Reflector (100624)

Wide Zoom Reflector (100711)

Telezoom Reflector (100712)

Narrow Beam Reflector (100617)

Reflector Accessories
10° Grid for the Magnum, Telezoom and Narrowbeam reflectors and ProTube (100618*)
Barndoors, 4-sided for 337mm Reflectors (100715)
Barndoors for Zoom Reflector (100463)


Large 65″ umbrellas are useful Light Shaping Tools for portrait, people and fashion photography. They create a smooth but yet distinctive light, which allows the user to illuminate an entire person or even small groups with just a single light source.

Profoto Umbrella XL, white (100326*)
Profoto Umbrella XL, silver (100327)
Profoto Umbrella XL, translucent (100328*)
Profoto Front Diffuser for Umbrella XL (254651*)
Profoto Stand Adapter for Umbrella XL (101099*)


Profoto softboxes offer a removable internal diffuser that provides additional versatility. With the internal diffuser attached, the light is even; when removed, the illumination is focused in the center of the box with a gradation out to the sides and ends. The recessed front diffuser can be removed to increase the contrast and produce a centerweighed spot effect. Requires the Profoto Softbox Mounting Ring – sold separately

Softbox 2×3 ft (254526*)
Softbox 2×2 ft RF (254525*)
Softbox 3×4 ft (254527*)
Softbox Mounting Ring (100660)

RFi Softbox Kit

RFi softboxes are similar to standard Profoto softboxes. They have the same design, silver interior, recessed front & double diffusor and, most importantly, the same outstanding light quality. What distinguishes RFi softboxes is that they are optimized for the needs of wedding and portrait photographers.

Softbox 2×3 RFi Ki (901182) 

Profoto HR Softboxes

Designed from the ground up for use with high output continuous light, these softboxes can withstand temperature extremes without any considerations or limitations. Using the standard Profoto Softbox Ring, they offer easy
assembly and use with both continuous light and flash heads.

HR Softbox 1.3 x 1.8′ RF (40 x 55cm) (100481)
HR Softbox 2 x 3′ RF (60 x 90cm) (100482)
HR Softbox 1.5 x 4′ RF (45 x 120cm) (100483)
HR Softbox 3 x 4′ RF (90 x 120cm) (100484)
HR Softbox 2.7 x 2.7′ RF (80 x 80cm) (100485) 
HR Softbox 4 x 6′ RF (120 x 180cm) (100486)
HR Lantern 1.7′ FLAT (51 x 30cm) (100487)
HR Lantern 3′ FLAT (89 x 43cm) (100488)
HR Lantern 4′ FLAT (122 x 48cm) (100489)
Softbox Mounting Ring (100660)