September 21, 2010, Cologne, Germany:  Once every two years Phase One hosts an international dealer conference and invites its top partners from around the world to share marketing, sales techniques, and to view the road map of the company for the next 24 months.  The partner conference coincides with Photokina in Cologne, Germany, the largest photographic trade show globally.  At this meeting, Phase One singles out a Partner that it feels has shared the same focus on new innovation, shares the highest ethical standards, and has embraced the current technology and championed it.   It is with great pride that Phase One has selected Capture Integration as its “2010 Partner of the Year.”

“Pick out all the characteristics that make a successful company and Capture Integration epitomizes what any manufacturer could only hope for in a partner that represents their product,” states Claus Pederson, Phase One US President.  This is the second time in 4 years that Capture Integration has received this prestigious award.  Capture Integration currently has an office in Atlanta, GA and Miami, Fl and represents the Phase One product line across the United States.

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