Current Achromatic Details

  • Features a new CMOS sensor design and state-of-the-art focus on classic black and white photography
  • Top ISO of 51,200 which makes it stand out as the most light sensitive medium format digital back available
  • Produced without an Infrared (IR) cut-off filter, this device can capture light outside the visible spectrum, benefitting artistic and infrared applications
  • When at a high ISO while shooting purely in black and white, the detail produced have an analog-like smoothness, similar to films grains on black and white films
  • New achromatic CMOS sensor provides instant live view feedback
  • The sensor’s ability to see IR light allows the live view to display light that is normally invisible to the naked eye
  • Achromatic Digital Back provides an electronic shutter, long exposure of up to 60 minutes, HDMI output, WiFi capabilities, full IQ XF Camera System integration and compatibility with other camera bodies

More Details Coming Soon! Stay Tuned.