Capture Integration is pleased to announce immediate availability of a P45+ Infrared digital back for demonstration during the months of July and August. At the end of August we’ll be selling it at a discount (because it will have been used for demos), so if you’d like to try the best infrared digital back made, don’t delay.

At 39 megapixels this digital back is the highest resolution infrared camera on the market and creates absolutely stunning IR images. Our technician Doug Peterson, a long time fan of infrared films such as Macophot 820IR and SFX200, has been putting the camera through its paces. Below is a low resolution version of a shot taken by Doug this past weekend. You can also download a watermarked full-resolution JPG.

Update: Here are tests with various filters can be found.


Tech info on the shot after the jump.

Further discussion can be found on the GetDPI forum.

Tech info on this image:

62 megapixels resolution after cropping (4 stitched overlapping vertical images), Horseman SWD IID at f16 focused for f11 hyperfocal, 1/125th of a second at ISO 50, which was the proper exposure for the red channel (blue was approx -0.5 EV, and green was approx -1.5EV). Initial processing was done in C14 by white balance rather than channel extraction when it was confirmed that very little noise was present even in the underexposed channels. Noise reduction was turned down all the way to 5 for luminance and zero for color. Sharpening out of C14 was set to pre-sharpening only. Photoshop CS3 was used to merge them with cylindrical mapping. The final image was tinted, sharpened for printing, given blurred-overlay glow to mimic early infrared films which had no anti-halation layer and were prone to spill highlights into neighboring tones. The final print, as printed by The Color House will be about 4 feet by 2.5 feet at 200dpi.