Putting User Experience Center Stage

Dedicated to enriching the Capture One Pro experience for everyone by adding new key features while improving existing ones and making Capture One workflow even more satisfying for photographers everywhere… Phase One Releases Capture 10.1. Created with the top pros and up-and-coming photographers in mind, Phase One is dedicated to serving all those who seek new ways to reach their most challenging and creative goals.

New features in Capture One Pro 10.1

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  • Better performance – whatever your platform or hardware
  • PSD Support
  • New delete options
  • FUJI X-TRANS Support
  • FUJI Compressed Support
  • Before/After
  • Redesigned and improved styles UI
  • Token watermarking
  • Vectorscope Orientation for Tangent
  • Improved Apple Scripting
  • Redesigned opencl UX Initialization options

Caution From Brad Kaye

“As the Capture Integration Tech Support Manager, I highly recommend that you always read the release notes of any new software platform that you install. With increases in Speed and Stability comes eliminations of slower computers or operating systems. Please do your due diligence to make sure your computer specifications are compatible with this strong new version.”

Initial testing demonstrates that some lingering bugs from prior versions dating back to Capture One 8 have been resolved and the speed increases touted by the initial release of version 10 last fall have been actualized and work more consistently.

We are continuing to test this version, trailblazers can Download Capture 10.1 directly from Phase One.

To upgrade from previous versions of Capture One Pro (versions 8 and 9) to Capture One Pro 10 (PLEASE CALL 877-217-9870 to upgrade your license).

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