Capture Integration Masters Series Workshop: New England Landscapes Debrief

After a wonderful and exhausting week in Bretton Woods, NH, the CI team is back in the office and missing our time in the White Mountain National Forrest with so many amazing friends. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we even had some record highs towards the end of the week. The final tally was 6 manufacturers reps, 5 days of stunning fall color, and 1 tech from Miami who couldn’t get his jacket open in the cold morning frost. We were up for 6 straight sunrises, taught hours of Capture One, went over the nuances of tech cameras, and even shot Infrared with a Leaf Aptus-II 33 specially designed for us to use and learn at this workshop.

Brand New Leaf Aptus-II 33 IR!

IR-pass filter on Left, IR-block filter on Right | Images by Charlie Brown

One of our goals for this workshop was to bring a true infrared digital back to the event that all could use and learn from. A big thanks to Ziv Argov and the crew at Leaf in Israel for turning this goal into reality with an Leaf Aptus-II 33 converted to IR. The results were stunning. The images above were taken by attendee Charlie Brown and are just a small sampling of what that back is capable of. If you are interested in a Leaf IR back, give us a call. We are currently the only dealer you can get them from and have the experience with them to help teach you how to use it.

Image by Robb Williamson

Our own Doug Peterson spent hours with Ziv Argov, Robb Williamson, and multiple attendees learning how to get the most out of the Leaf Aptus-II 33 IR. They must have photographed every inch of the Mount Washington Resort with the 33IR on a Cambo Wide RS with a Schneider 43XL. The image to the left was taken by Robb Williamson and you can see a few more of his thoughts and images over at GetDPI. The biggest advantage of this IR back is that you can shoot full color or IR with just a switch of a lens filter and white balance. We’ll be posting more info on the Aptus-II 33 IR soon and if you have any questions or would like to rent or buy send us an email to

More Workshops to Come!

The wheels are already turing for our next installment of our Masters Series Workshop. Keep an eye on the blog for an announcement in the future. Where else can you get direct access to the manufacturers reps, hands on instruction with hard to find items, and the knowledge of Capture Integration all in one place?

One more thing!

How long does it take a tech to open his jacket?