Mamiya Leaf released a service update for Leaf Credo digital backs that resolves a few bugs and improves general stability.

2.02 Firmware Features:

  • Battery charging via USB is now supported
  • Shutter lag issue in Hasselblad H1/H2/H4x is resolved
  • Image errors after using Live View (tethered) in Zero Latency on a view or tech camera is resolved.
  • Improved connectivity and stability on Mamiya 645 DF/DF+ camera bodies

2.02 Firmware Known Issues:

  • Live View via USB is not enabled
  • Rollei e-Shutters must be used with the back set to Normal Latency. With some older controllers there may still be some errors
  • EXIF data on Leaf AFi and Rolleiflex/Sinar Hy6 may not be complete or may show inaccurate values
  • Using the White Balance tool on the back while in Live View may cause the back to freeze

New Firmware Updater

Mamiya Leaf also released a new firmware updater (now version 3.2.3) that must be used when updating Credo backs with firmware newer than 2.01.


Click on a link below to download the 2.02 firmware for Credo backs and the 3.2.3 firmware updater for your system.



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