Capture Integration’s Leica Trade-In Program

We want to make it easy for you.   No need to take chances with fake e-bay buyers, PayPal fees, or difficult 3rd party vendors.  By giving you the trade in price up front, we eliminate the hassles and stress of selling your older model on your own.   Want to upgrade to the latest Leica?  Just use these numbers and give us a call.  And get the world’s best customer support and service that you have been accustomed to at Capture Integration.

How can it be a any easier than this?



Leica SL to SL2 Upgrade / Trade-in Price.



Leica Q to Q2 Upgrade / Trade-in Price.



Leica M 246 Monchrom to M10 Monochrom Upgrade / Trade-in Price



OK, this one is not so easy….

M9? M240? M-E? Yeah, we know… there are too many to list.

Call us for Leica M to Leica M10 upgrades.


Ready to upgrade?

Call your Capture Integration salesperson or our home office at 877-217-9870 today.