Arca Swiss today announced 2 new products. First up is the RotaMount. For those of you familiar with Arca Swiss, you will recognize the wording borrowed from the RotaSlide. As medium format digital backs have finally produced Million Dot+ LCD screens and also offer Live View in camera, the demand for sliding backs, and their ground glass for focusing/composing, has been reduced. However, the need to rotate your digital back from landscape to vertical and vice-versa is ever present. Now, instead of un-mounting the digital back and physically turning it in the air, then re-mounting, the RotaMount enables this action without un-mounting the digital back by rotating the digital back in place. This eliminates the possibility of dropping the digital back, and other miscues that could occur when un-mounting and re-mounting. It also further protects the IR Filter from ambient particles that could land upon the surface. And honestly, it is just faster and easier.


Pricing is $510 for the RotaMount, availability will be announced soon, but orders are being taken immediately.


Additionally, Arca Swiss has now formally launched the VariFind, an update to the previous VarioFinder. Capture Integration reported on this in March of this year.

The VariFind maintains the brilliantly clear and bright optical quality of the previous VarioFinder, but replaces the front guide posts that the masks magnetically adhered to, and instead, now provides 2 movable slots that allow the metal masks to be adjusted easily in any orientation.


Front View of Arca Swiss VariFind and VarioFinder

We are still awaiting official word from Arca Swiss on any possibility for modifying an existing VarioFinder – will this be an option, how will it be done, and what costs would be involved. As soon as have confirmation on that, we will post that here.

Pricing on the new VariFind is $1,250. Orders are being accepted immediately.

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