At a customer’s request I checked to see if our Multi-Strobe-Pop device would work with the Hasselblad H1/H2 body. In short, this setup will work if you 1) tape over the communication pins on the digital back and 2) disable”Magazine Exposure Lock” (custom option #6, or #11 depending on firmware, look for the name “Magazine Exposure Lock”) on the body. More details after the jump.

Taping over the communication pins on the back

digital disconnect 2

This device tells the back to start and stop the exposure independent from the lens/body. The digital back will become confused if it receives two different source of information on when to start and stop an exposure, so when using a view/tech camera such as the Cambo Wide DS the sync cord from the lens is simply removed. However a medium format body like the Hasselblad H1/H2 communicates with the back through a set of pins on the back. To prevent the back from being confused this communication has to be cut. The easiest solution is to tape over the communication pins on the digital back.

Disabling the H-Body “Don’t shoot if no magazine detected” menu option

Under Menu – Settings (4) – Custom Options (4.1) – Magazine Exposure Lock (6) change the value to “No”. This will allow the body to operate normally even though it’s not communicating with the digital back.