Bring your old bodies to life again

No, I am not talking about your old knees and joints. I am talking about the 500c that is gathering dust in your bag.  Did you also know that you can purchase a P20+ for your Hasselblad body for less than $2,000?  There is nothing like dusting off that 500 series or that Mamiya 645 and making it come to life again.  By now you have heard about the new Phase One IQ4 platform and the 150 megapixel sensors.  However, we know that 150mp resolution is not necessary for all photographic applications.  While there is nothing like pixel peeping at that resolution, when was the last time you looked at a 39mp file from a Phase One P45?  Our testing still shows that a 10 year old medium format digital back is superior to almost all mirrorless and dslr captures in terms of dynamic range and sharpness.  And we would not state this if we didn’t have testing behind us.

The Certified Pre-Owned experts

Capture Integration is the leader in Pre-Owned medium format solutions.  We coined the term CI Certified way before Phase One decided that it was such a great idea that they would use it too..  With that said, we have the largest inventory of pre-owned medium format backs in the the United States.  Furthermore, what you might not know is that we do the digital back repairs for many large resale companies that use Capture Integration for our expertise in this marketplace.   So feel confident that nothing leaves our shop without a 1 year warranty, 21 point inspection, and is graded as Like New or better.  And finally, it is all backed by the most knowledgeable group of medium format experts in the field today.

Trade in your system towards a Pre-owned System

Not only are the present pre-owned prices pretty remarkable, but Capture Integration allows our end users to trade their existing system for the 50, 60, 80, and 100mp sensors at a great price.  Want to trade in Nikon, Canon, Leica, or that Toyota Landcruiser that you don’t drive anymore?  Call us and maybe we can make a deal.  Can you say Win/Win?   Just arrange an evaluation of your existing system and your CI representative will get you the lowest possible price on a CPO digital back.


Phase One P20+Hasselblad V$1,990
Leaf DM28/645 KitMamiya 645$2,850
Phase One P45Mamiya/Phase One$3,490
Phase One P40+Hasselblad H$2,990
Phase One P45+Mamiya/Phase One$3,990
Phase One P65+Mamiya/Phase One$7,990
Phase One IQ140M or H$6,990
Phase One IQ150M or V$9,990
Phase One IQ260M or H$9,990
Phase One IQ180Mamiya/Phase One$10,990
Phase One IQ1 100M or H$16,990
Phase One IQ2 80Mamiya/Phase One$11,990
Phase One IQ3 100Mamiya/Phase One$17,990


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