Mamiya Leaf DF+

The Mamiya Leaf 645DF+ camera is designed to be a seamless extension of your creativity. Extraordinary capture becomes natural through ease of use and direct control.

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  • Specs
  • Custom Functions
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  • Fast and accurate autofocus with custom fine-tuning adjustment option
  • High shutter speeds up to 1/4000s
  • Long exposures up to 60 minutes
  • Automatic switch between focal plane and leaf shutter modes
  • Easily programmable custom functions
  • Three custom shooting modes
  • Intuitive handling through great ergonomics and easily accessible controls
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 10,000 captures on one charge
  • Rugged construction for high volume production use

Take advantage of the Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses, digital focal plane lenses from Phase One or use your Mamiya 645 AF/AFD or Hasselblad V lenses for a broader choice and easy upgrade path. Combined with some of the world’s best digital backs, the 645DF+ camera offers the most versatile shutter speeds in the market, ranging from 1/4000s to 60 minutes. Combined with the Phase One leaf shutter lenses the 645DF+ camera supports an unprecedented high flash sync speed of up to 1/1600s opening new creative windows for photographers.

The mirror and viewfinder of the Mamiya Leaf 645DF+ camera are almost three times larger than those of 35mm cameras, providing much greater control of focus and composition. While hosting a complete list of features and custom functions, the Mamiya Leaf 645DF+ camera is extremely easy to use. All settings important to the exposure are easily controlled by manual dials and buttons.

C-00 – Select user configuration: A, B, C
C-01 – TV/AV/Exp step: 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV
C-02 – Aperture setting after lens change
C-03 – Time to sleep mode (def. 15 sec)
C-04 – Battery type (Alkaline, NiMh/NiCD or Li-Ion) C-05 – Auto Bracketing steps (3, 5 or 7)
C-06 – Front/Rear dial function in Manual mode C-07 – Disable rear dial in P mode
C-08 – Dial function direction
C-09 – AEL & AFL button exchange
C-10 – Shutter half-press function
C-11 – AEL function lock/unlock mode
C-12 – AFL lock mode setting
C-13 – One push function M-Mode
C-14 – AF beam setting
C-15 – Flash sync. timing
C-16 – Beep
C-17 – Choose shutter function (P, Av or Tv mode) C-18 – Shutter function in Manual mode
C-19 – AF Speed
C-20 – AF Fine Tune
C-98 – Lens Firmware version
C-99 – Camera body firmware version

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