ALPA ProductsRegular PriceSales Price
ALPA 12 FPS$8,850$7,490
ALPA 12 STC w/ Rosewood Natural Handgrip Right$4,810$3,750
ALPA 12 TC w/ Finger Grip & Accessory Shoe$2,400$1,790
ALPA 72mm L APO-Digitar f/5.6 Schneider Lens$3,376$2,390
ALPA 47mm XL APO-Digitar f/5.6 Schneider LB Lens$3,253$1,990
ALPA Back Adapter C for Contax (#190.040.012)$1,205$729
ALPA Back Adapter M for Phase One/Mamiya (#190.030.015)$1,290$769
ALPA Back Adapter V for Hasselblad V (#190.010.012)$1,205$590
ALPA Dove Tail Tripod Mount Flat UniQ/C Square (#10.000.310)$135$79
ALPA FPS Adapter 17mm (#180.888.017)$775$620
ALPA FPS 17mm Tilt/Swing Adapter 0-5deg. (#450.888.010)$1,550$1,290
ALPA FPS AC Power Supply (#170.888.010)$265$225
ALPA FPS Cable for C1 (#170.888.310)$225$199
ALPA HPF Ring (Variety)$300Call For Price
ALPA Lens Shade HR70 - Type C1 (#500.200.070)$370$275
ALPA Multi-Use 11mm Adapter (#450.010.011)$555$299
ALPA Novoflex BALPRO T/S Universal Bellows (#450.020.170)$1,465$990
ALPA Novoflex Bellow Adapter for FPS SB17 to BALPRO 1/TS (#450.020.020)$335$299
ALPA Novoflex Bellow Adapter w/ Hooks for BALPRO 1/TS (#450.020.010)$415$299
ALPA Pro Lens Shade PLS for Lenses w/Diameter 70-75mm (#500.100.010)$540$199
ALPA Right Finger Grip for 12TC, Synthetic, Black (#040.090.010)$170$99
ALPA Smart Device Holder MK II w/ Wide Angle Converter (#070.050.025)$805$199
ALPA Smart Device Holder MK III (#070.060.010)$545$199
ALPA Stitching Adapter MK I for 12 MAX (#010.700.105)$255$100
ALPA Sync Cord MKII (8 Pin) & ALPA Sync Release MKI$976$650
ALPA Sync Cord MKII (8 Pin) for Phase (#170.800.462)$395$239
ALPA Sync Cord MKII MiniJack Mono 2.5mm Connector$500$125
ALPA Sync Release MK I (#170.800.010)$685$499
ALPA Viewfinder Mask (Variety)$99-$170Call For Price


Arca Swiss ProductsRegular PriceSales Price
Arca Swiss 47mm XL APO-Digitar f/5.6 Schneider Lens$3,365$1,990
Arca Swiss Hasselblad V Adapter 6x9 (#200009N)$758$290
Arca Swiss Lens Board 110x110 Flat R Mount (#091000.7) Open Box$231$199
Arca Swiss Monorail II 0-15cm for RM3D (#041115) Open Box$171$99


Cambo ProductsRegular PriceSales Price
Cambo X2 Pro w/ Bellows for Phase One$2,154$390
Cambo Wide T/S 90mm HR Wide T/S Copal 0 SB Lenspanel + Spacer$10,436$9,290
Cambo ACTAR-80 Lens$1,289$825
Cambo ACTAR-120 Lens$1,349$863
Cambo AC-212 Wide Angle Bellows (1 Fold)$318$203
Cambo AC-317, Standard Monorail for Actus (175mm) Open Box$132$109
Cambo AC-780 Bayonet for Canon EOS + AC-78E Actus G Adapter$298$110
Cambo AC-786 Bayonet for Sony Mount$79$59
Cambo ACB-1 Lensplate with #1 Hole (Black)$157$109
Cambo ACB-NF Nikon Lensboard$415$349
Cambo ACT-0 Lensplate w/#0 Hole (Titanium)$157$109
Cambo ACT-1 Lensplate w/#1 Hole (Titanium) $157$109
Cambo ACT-CA Lensplate w/ Canon EOS Bayonet (Titanium)$1,299$909
Cambo ACT-HA Lensplate w/Hasselblad Bayonet (Titanium) $328$229
Cambo ACT-M645 Lensplate w/ Mamiya 645 Bayonet (Titanium) $429$299
Cambo ACT-NF Lensplate w/Nikon-F Bayonet (Titanium)$415$289
Cambo ACT-P45 Lensplate w/Pentax Bayonet (Titanium)$429$299
Cambo Actus Adapter for ALPA (by J. Milich)Call For PriceCall For Price
Cambo Actus Adapter for Cambo (by J. Milich)Call For PriceCall For Price
Cambo C-228 Lensboad Recessed for 0 Shutter (#99070228)$199$169
Cambo C-54 8x10 Ground Glass$215$169
Cambo CBH-6$459$275
Cambo Mask (Variety)$189$99
Cambo Mono-25, Low Position Adapter to Monostand Crossarm Open Box$332$299
Cambo RD-1101 Redwing Compact Light Boom w/15lbs Lead (#99131250)$515$459
Cambo SF-72 Lensboard, Recessed, for 0-Shutter (#99070072)$157Call For Price
Cambo SLW-80 Rearplate for Hasselblad V$455$319
Cambo ST-1 Frame for Shooting Table (#99181500)$769$619
Cambo ST-M Small Shooting Table w/ Perspex Plate (#99181501)$699$519
Cambo SWC-41050 Hasselblad Screen Adapter for H-V InterfaceCall For PriceCall For Price
Cambo ULBC-35 Ultima 35 dedicated Bellows w/Canon Bayonet (#99030309)$425$299
Cambo WDS-507 Graflock Hasselblad H Adapter (#99161507)$759$699
Cambo WRS-1017 Macro Adapter 17mm Extension$665$499
Cambo WRS-1060s iPhone Holder for WRS w/Wide Angle Lens$522$249
Cambo WRS-1095 Adapter Plate Fitting on Hot Shoe Open Box$105$89
Cambo WRS Grip HandlesCall For PriceCall For Price
Cambo X2 Lensboard 0.33mm Pinhole (#99074202)$179Call For Price
Cambo X-823 Nikon D3/D3x Mounting Block (#99020823)$199$149
Cambo X-825 Nikon D800 with B. Grip Mounting Block (#99020825)$199$149
Cambo X-841 Mamiya ZD Mounting Block (#99020841)$199$149
Cambo XA-231 X2 Adapting Lensboard for Hasselblad CF (#99074231)$389$279
Cambo XA-233 X2 Adapting Lensboard for Mamiya RB/RZ$519$369
Canon XBC-35 X2 Bellows w/Canon Mount (#99030401) $333$239
Cambo XBE-35 X2 Bellows w/Sony E-Mount (#99030408) $333$239
Cambo XBN-35 X2 Bellows w/Nikon Bayonet (#99030402)$333$239


Sinar CTM

Sinar Products Regular PriceSales Price
Sinar LanTec incl. Handgrips, with Sinar Digital 90mm (#S03006) Open Box$7,490$3,750
Sinar 90mm Sinaron Digital f/5.6 CMV Lens$6,966$399
Sinar Adapter Ring 100/M72 (#547.81.061)$95$50
Sinar Adapter Ring 100/M72 R (#547.81.066) Open Box$95$50
Sinar Lens Shade Tube for LC Shutter$126$25
Sinar Binocular Reflex Lighthood$359$50
Sinar Remote Release Cable for Sinar Sliding Back (# 97-6193)$392$75
Sinar Bino Reflex Magnifier for P Series 4x5 (# 23-4019)$1,342$350
Sinar Metering Holder Frame with Ground Glass, P Series 4x5 (# 23-2027)$1048$225
Sinar LC Shutter 100 (#551.65.020)$2,550$350
Sinar Sliding Back 100 with Hasselblad V/54H Interface (# 551.32.191)$4,593$550
Sinar P3 Adapter Kit, Mamiya 645 Interface (# 556.64.036)$745$275
Sinar Mamiya 645 Interface Adapter for 86H, Includes mask (# 552.45.245)$1210$275
Sinar P3 Direct Adapter Kit / SB 54M-86H (#552.45.033)$1090$350
Sinar Rail Extensions 12' (12"/30cm) (#423.21.000) $326$50
Sinar Rail Extensions 6' (6"/15cm) (# 23-1207)$260$40
Sinar Recessed Lensboard for eShutter (#443.11.520)$278$125
Sinar Mamiya 645 Interface Adapter for Sliding Back (#551.32.293)$716$200
Sinar Hasselblad H Interface Adapter for Sliding Back (#551.32.292)$716$200
Sinar 105mm Swiveling Filter Holder, No Filter, Holder only (546.31.010)$957$125
Sinar Focus Optical Viewfinder for Lantec/Artec$832$250
Sinar Joint Rod for Compendium P Series (# 23-1015)$281$40
Sinar Wide Angle Bellows 100 EL for P3 (#455.12.000)$851$225


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