From Now until March 31st take advantage of these AMAZING Prices!


XF IQ1 100MP Camera System Includes:
XF Camera Body XF Prism Viewfinder
Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS Lens
IQ1 100MP Digital Back
List price $35,990
Promo Price  $29,990


Certified Pre-Owned XF IQ1 60MP Camera System Includes:
CPO XF Camera Body
CPO XF Prism Viewfinder
CPO SK 80mm LS Lens
CPO IQ1 60MP Back
List price $20,980
Promo Price $14,990

Note: CPO XF Camera bodies included with the IQ1 Promo will have HAP-1 installed. These can be upgraded to HAP-2 if required for an additional cost!


Contact you CI Sales team for more information at 877-217-9870.


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