If you’ve ever visited our Atlanta office, you’ve probably noticed that we like to use Kupo grip equipment. Kupo is a well established brand that probably doesn’t receive the attention that it deserves. At least that’s how it feels in the US, because Kupo is Asia’s leading manufacturer of pro lighting stand and grip accessories. The 2008 Beijing Olympics exclusively used Kupo grip, an impressive fact for the opening ceremonies alone.

Kupo takes an innovative approach to grip products, developing equipment with top quality and creative design – allowing the customer limitless configurations.  Particularly, the 3-Way and 4-Way Clamps ($34 / $41) are ingenious. These aluminum clamps feature a unique spring-locking mechanism that allows you to instantly latch and release the locking collar – a firm grip that prevents sliding.

The product that will probably turn the most heads is the Kupo Master C-Stand with Turtle Base (20″/30″/40″ models). This unique innovation enables the photographer or videographer (of any skill level) to open and collapse the legs of the base in under a second! Ditto for breaking down. The models range from $126-142 each.

Here’s a quick tutorial from Jason Friedman that shows the quickness of the C-Stand with Turtle Base:

Need help with a specific grip project? We will have the equipment to set you up right.  Don’t forget that we are always here to help – no product is too big or too small. From digital backs to clamps and cables, we are always happy to consult and accessorize your full orders.

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