Induro Tripod Heads

Induro has made a name for itself as one of the leading manufacturers of Professional Tripods and Monopods. The addition of the unique 5-Way Panhead to the already successful line of Professional Ballheads and Gimbal  Heads assures photographers that Induro is on the forefront of product development and precision support gear.


Induro Ballheads

Induro has brought the professional ballhead to a new level. The new Induro Series of dual-action ballheads offer increased load capacities, large ergonomic locking knobs, adjustable drag and tension control, independent panning control and much more.

  • BHL Series
  • BHD Series
  • BHS Series
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BHL Series

  • Oversized Head Lock Knob
  • Pan Action Lock
  • Graduated Base Scale
  • Double Safety Lock
  • Unique Tension Control
  • Arca Swiss Plate Compatible
  • Built-in Bubble Level


Induro BHL low profile ballheads provide support with exceptionally high load capacities. Oversized head lock knob with unique integrated lock limiter tension control, independent panning action lock and much more. Features an Arca-Swiss style quick release system with double safety lock and built-in bubble level for maximum flexibility.
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BHD Series

  • Magnesium Alloy
  • Adjustable Manual Drag Control
  • Independent 360° Pan Control
  • Oversized lock knobs
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
  • Includes Arca-Swiss plate


The Induro BHD line of ballheads is designed to handle virtually any shooting situation and equipment – from compact still and video cameras, to full-sized professional gear. The head has a 3/8-16 thread base mount and includes a matching Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Camera Plate.


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BHS Series

  • Single Action Position Control
  • Dual Locks
  • Built-in Bubble head
  • Snap In Release Plates
  • Ease of Use


Induro BHS-Series Ballheads offer a lightweight, well-balanced adjustable support for a wide range of cameras and lenses. Providing a secure dual quick release locking system and built-in bubble to ensure fast camera mounting, dismounting and leveling. A single lever locks camera position and head rotation simultaneously. Each Ballhead includes a matching Snap In Style Quick Release Plate
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Induro Panheads

  • PHQ Series
  • PHT Series
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PHQ Series

  • Quintaxial Positioning
  • Five Bubble Levels
  • Horiz. and Vert. Locking
  • Angular and Spherical Rotation
  • Folding Controls
  • Fully Graduated Scales


INDURO PHQ-Series Panheads offer a completely new concept in camera positioning with Quintaxially adjustable movements. Providing dual tilt, base and top plate rotation, and an Arca-Swiss style quick release system, this head offers photographers full repeatable indexing on five axes for maximum control and flexibility. Unique folding control handles make packing and transport easy. Ideal for studio and on-location shoots plus extended panoramic, QTVR, spherical and 3D photography. Each Panhead includes a matching Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Plate.


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PHT Series

  • Graduated Angle Scale
  • Built-in Bubble Level
  • Dual Locking System
  • Separate Knob for Panning
  • Folding Handles
  • Snap-in Plate


INDURO PHT-Series Panheads offer front and horizontal tilt and panning movements along with secure locking handles/knobs. Each Head offers a secure dual quick release locking system. Graduated scales provide quick and easy repositioning and a built-in bubble ensures fast camera leveling. Unique folding control handles make packing and transport easy. Ideal for studio and on-location shoots. Each Panhead includes a matching Snap In Style Quick Release Plate.
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Induro Gimbal Heads

INDURO GH-series Gimbal Heads are designed to make vertical and horizontal tracking of fast moving objects quick and easy. Balancing a camera/lens system by positioning the equipment at it’s center of gravity on a gimbal head makes it essentially “weightless,” allowing the equipment to stay in place at any angle without needing to be “locked down.” This provides a level of control and freedom of movement not possible with any other support system

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GH Series

  • Gravity Balanced Operation
  • Arca-Swiss Compatible Plates
  • Large Locking Knobs
  • Adjustable Platform (GHB2 only)
  • GHBA for up to 300mm lenses (Ballhead only)
  • GHB1 for up to 500mm lenses
  • GHB2 for up to 800mm lenses


The compact, portable GHBA and GHB1 provide outstanding results at unbeatable prices. Includes Arca-Swiss style compatible Quick Release Plate. GH1 and GH2 heads have 3/8-16 base mount, GHA requires an Arca-Swiss style compatible Head for mounting.
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Induro Quick Release Plates

Capture Integration also carries and features replacement and spare quick release plates for all of Induro’s heads. Visit the store to select the one you need!

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Induro Head Plates

  • Arca-Swiss Styles QR Plates
  • Snap-in style quick release plate
  • Slide-in style quick release plate


QRT Series Quick Release Clamp – For monopods, other brands of tripod heads and equipment that do not have a Quick Release System, Induro offers the QRT Quick Release Clamp. The same solid support and locking system found on Induro heads can be attached to any 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 tripod, monopod or accessory mount.
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