INDURO CARBON 8X CM-Series monopods offer ultra-light support in tight spaces or for stability and mobility in fast moving shooting situations. CM-Series monopods are made with magnesium alloy components and 8X layer Carbon Fiber tubing which is 60% stronger overall than conventional carbon fiber tubing. Thanks to these latest refinements, the CM-series monopods have up to twice the load capacity of earlier models. Includes belt mount monopod holster

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Alloy 8x Monopods

  • Non-Rotating Alloy Leg Sections
  • Dust and Moisture Resistant
  • Slip Resistant Top Plate
  • Reversible Mounting Screw
  • Closed Cell Comfort Grip with Strap
  • Included belt mount monopod holster


Ultra-light 8 layer Carbon Fiber provides support for tight spaces or stability and mobility in fast moving shooting situations. They’re ideal for photographers on the move – Sports, Nature, Landscape, Travel – and in the studio.

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CAT #ModelExtendedFoldedWeightLoad
472-514AM1457.6 in18.1 in0.9 lb17.6 lb
472-524AM2461.3 in19.3 in1.1 lb26.4 lb
472-525AM2557.9 in16.0 in1.1 lb22.0 lb
472-534AM3462.0 in19.6 in1.4 lb39.6 lb