iaap.jpgEditors Note: This article was contributed by Thomas Bliss, the president of the International Association of Architectural Photographers. Steadily Capture Integration has been proving itself as the authority on specific markets in our industry. If a product doesn’t exist to solve a photographic problem Capture Integration will develop one, thus establishing our branded line of exclusive products. The combination of high ideals, customer service, and the superior quality of the Phase One line of digital backs has been integral in establishing Capture Integration’s reputation as the #1 source of information for the discerning photographer. Our expertise in the Architectural market has lead us to partner with an organization that is like minded. We look forward to a long relationship with IAAP and its members.

The International Association of Architectural Photographers was first launched by founder and “emerging” architectural photographer Thomas Bliss on January 1st, 2003 as NAAPA. The name was changed in mid 2003 to the IAAP to reflect a growing international membership.

The driving forces behind the development of the IAAP was grown out the founders own observation of two specific and frustrating needs that at the time were being largely ignored by the larger associations. One in particular was that the new or emerging photographer (as the founder was at the time) had no real outlet to seek the advice of his successful peers to educate himself about the business of “architectural photography”. There were so many questions and so few answers, from equipment needs, techniques, workflow, pricing, marketing, and more importantly the fellowship of a group of photographers that is indeed highly skilled and uniquely specialized able to understand what challenges the “emerging” photographer might and will face during the start-up of his business.

Since the IAAP’s humble beginnings as a small Forum and Photographers Directory in 2003, the site and membership has grown to a membership of 280 architectural photographers participating in the forums, 180 full member sponsors, and a community outreach newsletter that reaches over 1000 photographers from all over the world. The membership fee structure is still the best value in the industry at only $87.50 US for a full membership, and only $2.99 per month for forum only access, specially designed for the “emerging photographer”.

The IAAP Mission:

1) Provide strong and valuable resources for the development of the Architectural Photographer.
2) To define our community as a valuable resource for those seeking to engage the services of an Architectural Photographer.
3) Provide a solid professional forum for peer-to-peer dialogue, fostering an interactive community to promote the exchange of ideas and resources.

The IAAP can be found at www.iaap.us | www.iaap.co.uk | www.architecturalphotographers.org

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