The ALPA Alpagon lenses HR 70, 90, and in future 138 mm offer a large image circle that often cannot be used in its entirety. So why not build the optimal stitching machine especially for breathtaking panoramas?  The new ALPA 12 PANO opens up completely new perspectives. Movements of only 10 to 12 millimeters are not enough. And that’s why the PANO offers full 35 mm of horizontal movement to the left and right with a newly conceived shifting system with fixed detents for “pre-programmed” final formats. And we keep the 10 mm for additional rise and fall… simultaneously!

The advantages of “flat stitching” over simple rotation are manifold. In particular, the time-consuming search for nodal points is no longer necessary, and the new live view backs allow convenient and straightforward framing. And this happens without much guesswork, as is often the case with rotational panoramas.

The camera shares the handgrips with the ALPA 12 MAX and apart from the spirit level module provided, additional elements can be mounted. The camera offers four mounting points in total.

ALPA Article No. 018.010.010

All prices are ex-works Switzerland.

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Based on the classic handgrips of the ALPA 12 SWA, we have developed an optimal adaptation for the ALPA 12 PLUS, which allows both safe handling and comfortable holding the camera.

ALPA Article No. 040.710.010 (pair)

ALPA Article No. 040.710.015 (right side)

All prices are ex-works Switzerland.

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The screw-on pentaprism for the ALPA 12 Plus allows the user to read the camera spirit level with a 90-degree view. The bright prism makes leveling easier when the camera position does not allow viewing of the spirit level. Due to the construction, the prism image behaves precisely like the spirit level (right-sided) and thus enables carefree and comfortable working. Due to the slight “oversize” of the prism image, the visibility remains even with slightly offset views.

ALPA Article No. 010.710.200

All prices are ex-works Switzerland.



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After the introduction of ALPA Platon, the moving image segment is not entirely new for ALPA. Nevertheless, we are entering new territory with ALPA XO. For this reason, we have decided to take the first step here with a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign should further increase the visibility of ALPA XO, give essential insights into demand, and add the reach to our information. Kickstarter is entirely new for us, and we are happy and very excited about the response of the market.Visit ALPA XO Kickstarter Campaign