Hasselblad HTS and 24mm tetheringHasselblad Bron Inc. support has received a report regarding an issue when shooting tethered with the 24mm HCD lens and the HTS 1.5 tilt shift adapter.* When shooting with this configuration, Phocus will unexpectedly quit.

This report has been confirmed and it has been resolved in the upcoming 2.7.1 release next month.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Capture Integration tech support team.

Best regards,

Capture Integration

*Note – The HTS 1.5 was designed for the HCD28mm, HC35mm, HC50mm, HC80mm and the HC100mm lenses. The HTS 1.5 adds, in effect, five different “tilt and shift lenses” to the Hasselblad HC/HCD lens range.