Summer is the perfect time to be shooting outdoors, and there is no better tool for your location lighting than the Siros L battery powered monolights.

Receive one free bonus battery for each Siros L head with the purchase of any one or two head kit!

Siros L – One Head Kit

Siros L 1-Head Kit Specs
400w/s: B-31.710.07
800w/s: B-31.720.07

1 x Siros 800L
1 x Siros Umbrella Reflector
1 x battery charger
1 x lithium-ion rechargable battery
1 x Storage bag
Bonus item: 1 x additional battery (2 total!)

Siros L – Two Head Kit

Siros L – Two Head Kit Specs:
400ws: B-31.750.07
800ws: B-31.751.07

2 x Siros 400L
2 x Umbrella Reflector
1 x battery charger
2 x lithium-ion batteries
1 x umbrella silver/black 85cm (33.5 in)
1 x Softbox 60 x 60 (2 x 2 ft)
1 x speedring
1 x sync cable
1 x rolling backpack
Bonus item: 2 x additional batteries (4 Total!)


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