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The world is different today.  We literally communicate at the speed of light.  Individuals interact with each other across the globe at all hours of the day through keyboard strokes.  Business is conducted without hearing a single voice or having physical interaction.  Entire relationships are formed over years through electronic mail and messages.  And while the electronic age has created opportunities that are truly amazing, I strongly believe we are missing something crucial, something deeper.

I am fortunate to have clients from all over the globe.  We talk online about gear or software or workflow.  We connect on Facebook and make personal comments about each other’s lives.  It gives me joy seeing their professional and personal journeys. And over time, I feel like we truly “know” each other.  However, it’s just surface level.   Nothing has given me a deeper fulfillment than meeting my clients in person and sharing a coffee at the local shop, meeting them to shoot for a few hours at a beautiful location, or just sitting down and having dinner and conversation.   While I am thankful of the technology in our lives that allowed us to connect initially… it is the “one on one” bonding in person that truly solidifies friendships and long term relationships.

And this is why we have decided to try something new. Capture Integration team members are traveling to photograph some of our favorite locations around the country.  Places that are our personal favorites and meaninful.  We are spending long weekends shooting, laughing, breaking bread, and just enjoying life.   And we want you to join us.

This is not a workshop.   This is not a paid event.  This is enjoying life and our interests.  This is human connection.

This is Gatherings.

Dave Gallagher, CEO, Capture Integration


Here is what our Clients Are Saying About CI Gatherings

“Enhancing my skills set is a given when I’m shooting with Dave. Even the most casual comment from Dave can lead me to think and consider something different or new to add to my skills. I learn something from Dave every time I shoot with him.”

-Jeffery Litell

“I enjoyed meeting like minded photographers in a relaxed and low key environment. Even though there was plenty of photographic opportunities, at no time did we rush from one location to another. Brad did an excellent job organizing the event. It was also nice to have Phase One present. I definitely plan to attend another Gatherings event.”

-Steven Barger

The CI “gathering” was the perfect blend of great scenic locations, excellent technical support and great shooters with common values.”

– David Rogers

Come Meet Us In Vermont & Georgia

July 19-21, 2019 | Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

The beautiful views of Lake Michigan, an undulating coastline that provides myriad angles for mid-day and sunset shots, far enough north in latitude to catch the Northern Lights, Sleeping Bear Dunes is renowned for it’s serenity and beauty.

With an average high temperatures in July just kissing 80º F, northwest Michigan provides a nice break from our muggy southern heat.


Brad Will Meet You In Michigan:

Brad Kaye, Capture Integration Technical Support Advisor

Brad is a commercial product and architectural photographer, retoucher and digital asset manager.  He has over a decade of experience shooting Phase One camera systems and mastering the various layers of Capture One Software. As lead Technical Support advisor at Capture Integration, Brad consults with and for the industry’s top photographers.


September 27-29, 2019 | Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park – Vermont


The National Park idea emerged 150 years ago during the Civil War when the nation was struggling over the moral imperative of equal rights for all, and the words of George Perkins Marsh were gaining fertile ground in the call to recognize the co-dependence of society and nature.

Frederick Billings nurtured the germ of the National Park idea when he purchased a set of photos by photographer Carleton Watkins of Yosemite Valley. Another set of Watkins’ stunning photographs were sent to Washington and inspired a divided congress to join efforts in an unprecedented act to preserve an iconic landscape for all Americans. It would take another 50 years to officially establish the National Park Service.

Dave Will Meet You In Vermont:

Dave Gallagher, CEO of Capture Integration



Titles and labels belong on books and soup cans respectively. To me they don’t make the man, his reputation and integrity do. My most important job is being the best father I can to Aidan, McKenna, and Emma and giving them the best foundation for happiness and success in life. And to attempt to give my wife a fraction of the joy that she has brought to me and our family.

November 9-10, 2019 |Old Car City & Lindale Mills – Georgia

Old Car City USA in White, Georgia contains the world’s largest known classic car junkyard. Visitors enjoy the beautiful vegetation of the deep south that intertwines with the hundreds of cars that reside in Old Car City. Old Car City started as a Car Dealership in 1931 and is still family owned and operated. Come enjoy the Old South environment, folk art, ghosts of beautiful classic cars, and much more. When you come, ask for the honorable Dean Lewis, distinguished mayor of Old Car City USA!

Lindale Mills was an industrial textile factory built in 1896 by Massachusetts Mills and was later sold to Pepperell Manufacturing, giving the community and school the name “Pepperell”. The mill employed 1,393 people and produced 1/7 of all textiles in Georgia.

Although the mill closed in 2001, the tradition of hanging the Christmas star since 1923 still lives on every December. We honor the history of Lindale Mill by opening it to the public for photography, filming, and events.

Famous movies such as Summit Entertainment’s “Allegiant” of “The Divergent Series” were filmed at our location along with many other independent projects. We invite you to visit the Lindale Mill and promise you that each time you will discover something new!

The CI Team Will Meet You In Georgia:

This particular CI Gathering is in conjunction with our 15 year anniversary celebration! Multiple members of our dynamic team will gather at Old Car City and Lindale Mills for a weekend filled with great laughs, memories and best of all photography!


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Vermont Gatherings – September 27 – 29, 2019

Georgia Gatherings – November 9-10, 2019

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