To our partners, friends, and their families,

Thank you for all the positive feedback from our last Connection Newsletter.

We have been fortunate to have established an international business from a small southern marketplace.  Over the last few years, we have intentionally traveled the US with events and Gatherings reaching out to you. Even with these efforts, the fact remains that we have never personally met the majority of our customers.

Establishing a relationship, having trust, and earning mutual respect is such an important component of our business. In this day and age of e-mail and impersonal electronic communication, this task is increasingly difficult.  Consequently, during this crisis, we want to take the time to slow down and work on our connection on a deeper level.

It is my hope that we can enhance our connection with you …….. by showing you who WE are.

This weekend, I asked our team members to share an image that had significant meaning to them and tell me why. As always, I am proud of them and their genuine quality. Now you can see why it’s such a privilege to work with this team every day.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

With warmth and respect,

Dave Gallagher
CEO/Capture Integration


For some, this period and sheltering at home will come as a shock, or at the very least require an adjustment, as you come to grips with how to interact with more partner time. For me, this will be effortless. Other than the occasional work trip, from our second date forward, Rachel and I never spent a night apart. We have friends… but for the vast majority of our time, we do things together, or next to each other, even to this day. This image represents Rachel to me and what drew me to her 27 years ago. Her ability to just dive into books and other dedicated projects, and the lack of desire or need for the latest and greatest exciting adventure. A perfect match for me! Being ok with a cat on her shoulder (or … 9 cats….) was a bonus. Being able to be with her every day is a gift that I somehow lucked into.

– Steve

I took this picture about a month ago in Death Valley. During that time we could fly anywhere we wanted to fly, visit any place we wanted to visit. Now we live a much more calculated life. This picture seemed so peaceful and surreal when I captured it. Now I look at it and I think about what a Long Road Ahead we all have. Life is a gift. Treat it that way.

– Chris

Though this picture was just taken last July, it takes me back to one of the happiest weekends of my life. The weekend that I celebrated my 30th birthday. You see, I’m always in go mode and very seldom have the opportunity to make time for myself… let alone vacations. I’m also never one to celebrate myself, which made that weekend a bit more special! We were in the middle of a Gullah Tour, in my beautiful home city Charleston, South Carolina, when asked everyone to gather for a group picture. At that moment, I realized that life is about enjoying connecting with those that love you unconditionally. Since then, this picture serves as a reminder for me to intentionally devote time future all of my relationships.

– Kyra

I don’t want to make it sound like I was in the ‘great war’ or something, but we’ve already been through, what was for us, a time of relative (great) uncertainty & perceived peril, where we didn’t really know how it was going to work out and it was decently scary for a little while.  Of course, we made it to the other side, with no lack of love & unconditional support from family.

This image was from a tougher time, when I was working some solid ‘unskilled labor*’ working long hours on a daily basis in the cold of a Michigan winter, resting a the end of the day with my little guy who isn’t quite so little today.*anyone who thinks labor can be unskilled, likely hasn’t done it… there is wisdom to be gained from every activity – procedurally, physically and mentally.  It also opens your eyes to the ‘art’ of all things, while you figure out what you can do and what you should likely hire someone else to do because you suck at it.  Like really bad. Like no amount of physical effort & practice changing how bad you are at it.  Lol, keep me away from Sheetrock mud.)

– Brad 




This shoot was different—or maybe our perspective was different. Our “Tripodtographer” got multiple shots that were not “picture perfect”, but actually captured our individual and collective personalities. We had the hardest time choosing which one we liked best for our Holiday Card (in the end, we chose three). At some point during this home isolation, we’ll schedule another shoot and see what we get with all the extra time.

– Anthony


If anyone knows me or my husband, they know our love of cars. Over the last 10 years, cars have played such an intricate part in our lives (a car photography club is even how we met). Most of our vacations or free time is usually centered around car museums, car shows, or working on cars. So of course, we wanted to bring this love of cars into our wedding somehow. One July 4th we spent our whole day driving to the middle of nowhere to buy a 96’ Fleetwood Limo. We brought this limo back to life over the next few months and instead of flying to our destination wedding, we road tripped in it to our wedding… Wedding dress and suit lying across one of the rows of seats, our wedding flowers in buckets on the floors trying to make sure they don’t get too much sun and wilt before we even make it to the hotel. We also picked up almost every family member and friend from the airport in the Fleetwood for our wedding. There are just so many memories and emotions associated with the cars we have in our lives. Some joyous like our wedding and other disastrous…  like hitting a deer in your dream car that you just finally perfected after 7 months. I really cherish every single one of these memories and moments that I get to spend with my best friend and I hope one day to fill a whole garage wall with photos of us and our cars just like this one.

– Kristin

When it comes to happiest days of your life, a wedding to your soulmate or the birth of a child is easily at the top of the list.  However, I had a unique opportunity in life that very few get to share.   This image captures the day that I was able to have my birth mother meet the man and family who adopted me.  This day was filled with tears, love, and gratitude.  To be able to express how grateful I am to these amazing people and to honor them is a gift that I don’t take for granted. I am in debt to each and every one of them and will never be able to acknowledge the depths of my appreciation.

– Dave

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