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Featuring Melissa Rodwell of The Fashion Photographer’s Blog

Fashion Workshop with Melissa Rodwell
Date: Saturday July 26 & Sunday July 27
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1201 E. 5th St. #C,
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Phase One and Capture Integration are proud to sponsor Breed’s Fashion Photography Master Class on July 26th and July 27th. There will be Phase One gear on hand, including the new IQ250 CMOS sensor camera to shoot with.  Learn more about the workshop and reserve your spot today.

Day 1 – Fundamentals

Class introduction
Introducing workshop facilitators
Student introduction to gauge ability level

Part 1: Mastering Manual Exposure (Interactive classroom style discussion)

  • Understanding equivalent exposures and gaining a complete understanding of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.
  • Brief working introduction to inverse square law, and how it pertains to lighting
  • Understanding the relationship between aperture and depth of field
  • Creative choices in exposure
  • Applying these basic principles specifically to fashion photography

Part 2: Working With A Model

  • Building rapport
  • Interacting with and directing a model
  • Choosing flattering camera angles
  • Using pose and expression to create a mood
  • Brief shooting time for each student to interact with model

Part 3: Small Group Lighting Instruction

  • Group 1: Basic Studio Lighting
  • Simple 1 light setups to show how light position changes the image -Shooting on a seamless/ cyc wall
  • Rembrandt, butterfly, and split lighting styles
  • Time for each photographer to work with each lighting set up
  • Group 2: Natural Light
  • Finding the best natural light
  • How to shoot in backlit, direct, and open shade lighting conditions -Using sun direction to compose your image
  • Time for each photographer to work with natural light

Part 4: Basic RAW Processing / Q&A

  • Using Capture One Pro to process and color correct RAW images
  • Capture Pilot

Day 2 – Advanced Capture

Part 1: Intro with Melissa while model is being made up.
Part 2:  Melissa Rodwell’s favorite lighting techniques for fashion and beauty

  • Learn the lighting set ups that Melissa uses in her own work.
  • Understanding lighting ratios.
  • Key vs Fill
  • Adding one light at a time to see results.
  • Learn how to work with multiple lights to achieve drama and interest.
  • Expanding on principles learned in Fundamentals to improve lighting skills
  • Learn to light for fashion and for beauty.
  • After each lighting setup is explained, each student will have time to shoot a professional model with each set up to use for their portfolio.

Part 3: Business discussion, Q&A, and Portfolio Review

  • Open forum discussion to discuss the career, art, and business of fashion photography.
  • Open ended Q&A session.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their portfolio to review either one on one or in a group setting.