With so many new feature-sets and technologies introduced with the XF and IQ3 announcements, Capture Integration has assembled this growing FAQ. There are so many variables to consider as we enter the third generation of Phase One IQ backs. Furthermore, system and accessory compatibility will surely spark the following questions. This will be a growing resource, so please sure to keep this post bookmarked as we become more and more familiar with this new and exciting system. Updates will posted regularly. If you have a question that is not listed below, please free to contact our team for assistance.

Digital Backs | Camera | What’s In The BoxLenses | New Features & Technology | XF vs DF+

What are the delivery times for the new Products?

35mm LS and 120mm LS  – 1st week of June

IQ3 50MP and 60MP  –  Today

IQ3 80MP  – 4 Weeks

Digital Backs

Are IQ3 backs compatible with DF+ camera?

Yes. Customers will be able to use their DF/DF+ as a backup body.

Is the XF Camera compatible with IQ1 and IQ2 digital backs?

Yes. The IQ1 and IQ2 series digital backs will be able to work on the XF with a firmware update. It will not include any of the IQ3 added features nor will it have power sharing, but the backs and cameras will work together.

Is the XF Camera compatible with P+ digital backs?

No. The XF Camera is not compatible with and P / P+ or Lightphase digital backs.

Is the XF Camera compatible with Leaf Valeo or Aptus digital backs?

No. The XF Camera is not compatible with the Valeo or Aptus digital backs.

Is the XF Camera compatible with Mamiya Leaf Credo digital backs?

YES – The Leaf Credo backs operate like the IQ1 series backs on the XF Camera System.

Will I be able access the XF camera controls via my IQ2 / IQ1 digital back?

The IQ2 series cameras will be able to access the XF controls via the digital back once updated to the latest firmware. Unfortunately, the IQ1 series will not be able to control the XF camera body controls from the digital back.

Will my IQ2 / IQ1 series backs gain any of the IQ3 features / tools when used on the XF?

The IQ2 will gain the new zone readouts tool, new clipping warning and you will also be able to capture from live view. The IQ2 backs on an XF will not have histogram on body, spirit level on body, or power sharing (of course) as these are features of the additional connectors on IQ3.

The IQ1 series backs will only be enabled to work on the XF, no new tools or features will be added to the system.

Why is the IQ3 not shipping in Contax mount?

The Contax mount is being discontinued by Phase One.  When the existing IQ1 and IQ2 Contax mounts run out of inventory, Contax mounts will be dropped from the line.  We expect 30-60 days.

What about upgrades from other manufacturers?

Contact us.  Strong competitive upgrades from other platforms are available today and some amazing prices.

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Is the XF Camera compatible with Mamiya Leaf Credo digital backs?

Credo support may come to fruition, we are not sure at this point in time if or when that will be, but will keep you updated on any developments.

What type of battery powers the XF camera body?

The XF Camera utilizes the same 3400 mAh batteries as the IQ3/IQ2/IQ1 Series digital backs.

Will the XF camera accept 2900mAh batteries from my IQ160?

It is recommended to use 3400mAh batteries (or higher, as newer akp ratings develop). As there is power sharing here, it will work with the lower batteries but we will not recommend it.

Is the XF Camera body available from Mamiya Leaf?

NO, and there isn’t a time frame or even discussion today about it.

Can I still purchase a DF+?

No. The DF+ has been discontinued WITH THE PHASE ONE LOGO and will no longer be available FROM PHASE ONE. THERE WILL BE DF+ IN MAMIYA LOGO FOR THE NEAR FUTURE.

What is the camera body made from?

There is very little plastic in the body itself. It is 99% aircraft grade aluminum.

Will there be a Vertical Grip for the XF Camera?

There isn’t today as you can reprogram the button near the lens. However, is this the way it will always be?

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What’s In The Box


 XF IQ3 Camera SystemXF IQ1 Camera System
Phase One XF Camera with Prism ViewfinderYesYes
IQ Digital BackChoice of 50MP, 60MP, or 80MPChoice of 40MP, 50MP, 60MP, 80MP
Waist Level Viewfinderoptionaloptional
Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8YesYes
Capture One Pro 8YesYes
Pelican Storm Carry on CaseYesNo
F-stop Phase One Flexible ICUYesNo
F-stop Phase One Laptop SunshadeYesNo
Charger for IQ3 & XFYesYes
3400 mAh Batteries42
16 GB CF-Card & ReaderYesNo
Gray Cards & LCC Calibration KitYesYes
Sensor Cleaning KitYesYes
FW & USB CableYesYes
Focusing ScreenYesYes

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Is the XF Camera compatible with legacy Mamiya lenses?

Yes. It will work with ALL of the older AF and MF lenses.

Will the new series of lenses work on the DF+/DF?

Yes. The new 35mm LS and 120mm LS lenses as well as the rest of the new lenses to be released will work with the DF+.

Will there be lens adjustments for front / back focus of lenses?

Yes. This is now located in the camera menu as Focus Trim and is no longer a global setting. Each lens can have its correction dialed in for that body and back combination.

Why are there extra pins on the new 35mm and 120mm LS lenses?

The new line of lenses that starts with the 35mm LS and 120mm LS will all include serialized lens information thanks to the extra pins they carry. This will allow for unique stored focus trim information for each lens on a body, a huge help to rental houses as the XF can accommodate and store information for up to 32 lenses.

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New Features & Technology

What is the built in seismograph?

The XF has a built-in seismograph that can read the vibration of the camera. This will be used for diagnostics as well as future release of a Vibration Delay shooting mode which will detect when there is the least amount of movement in the camera and fire the trigger. Currently the Vibration setting on the camera works as a standard timed release with a default of 4 seconds from shutter depress to firing of the camera.

What is the integrated Profoto technology?

The XF has a built-in Profoto Air transmitter that allows you to trigger your Profoto air equipped strobes directly from the camera. It is a basic trigger that can only change channels and can be turned off. There are no controls for adjusting power output of the strobe equipment.

Will the legacy Mamiya viewfinder adapters work with the XF?

No. Unfortunately it seems that the legacy viewfinder accessories are not actually compatible due to the new mount of the viewfinder.

What are the Viewfinder Options?

The XF ships with a 90º prism and there is an optional Waist Level ViewFinder available.

Can the Waist-level viewfinder display metering?

Yes, the WLF will have a limited function set.

Are there any ground glass options?

A new split level ground glass is planned.

Can one lock up the mirror and have the mirror stay up for successive shots?

Yes, YES, YES…. the mirror can now stays up shot to shot. You can even shoot from live view and capture immediately!

Will the XF stay in bracketing mode?

Yes, the XF will stay in bracketing mode after completion of your group of shots. As long as the mode is enabled it stays there, allowing for back to back brackets without have to reset the bracket in the menu.

Can you capture out of Live View without having to exit Live View?

Yes. This is huge.

Are there multiple auto focus points?

The XF camera features a new 1000 point CMOS auto focus sensor and a technology titled “HoneyBee”. At this stage, there is the option of a center circle focus point, but also an entire focus frame that would target the closest object in the frame.

Is there a new cable release?

Currently there is no cable release offered from Phase One though we expect to see one in the near future.

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XF vs DF+

Autofocus:HAP-1 Sensor
High Resolution CMOS Sensor w/ 1000 pixels
Autofocus Assist Light: HAP-1 Precision White Light
Hyperfocal Point Focusing
Upgradeable AF Configurations & Patterns
Autofocus Modes: Spot, Average, Hyperfocal
AF Drive: Single, Continuous
Interchangeable Focusing Screens: Matte, Split, Center Prism
TTL phase-difference Auto Focus w/ 3 Focus Points
Classic Sensor w/ 55 Pixels
Infrared AF assists
Focus Confirmation in Manual Mode
Autofocus Lock for Swift AF/ M Shift
Interchangeable Focusing Screens: Matte, Grid, Checker, Microprism
User Interface:OneTouch UI (Touchscreen)
1.6” Transflective Capacitive Touch (Visible Under Any Lighting Condition)
Not Touchscreen
Powersharing:Shared Battery Power Between Back & Body (IQ3 Only)Not available
Viewfinders:New Modular 90° Prism Viewfinder:

Frame Coverage: 97%
Exchangeable Diopter from -5 to +3 ( w/ 3 Options)
Default Diopter Magnification: -2.5 to +2.5
Visible Exposure Information

New Collapsable Waist Level Viewfinder:

Frame Coverage: 97%
Exchangeable Diopter from -3 to +2 (w/ 7 Options)
Default Diopter Magnification: 0
No Visible Exposure Information
Light Metering Using HAP-1
Fixed Prism Viewfinder
Exchangeable Diopter from -5 to +3
LCD Panel with Full Exposure Information
Firmware Upgrades Through:Digital BackV-Grip
Flash:Focal Plane Shutter (Max): Up to 1/125s
Leaf Shutter Lenses (Max): up to 1/1600s
Built in Profoto AIR Trigger
Wireless Trigger Range: 20m (Outside)
Back Flash Sync: Yes
Focal Plane Shutter (Max): Up to 1/125s
Leaf Shutter Lenses (Max): Up to 1/1600s
1st and 2nd Curtain Flash Synchronization
X Sync Terminal & Support for TTL Flash
Remote Profoto AIR Triggering Through V-Grip
Light Metering:TTL Metering (Average, Spot & Auto)
Exposure Compensations: +/- 5 EV
HAP-1 Light Metering: Used with WL Finder
TTL Metering (Average, Spot & Auto)
Exposure Compensations: +/- 5 EV
Programmable AEL Button
Power Requirements / Battery:7.2v (3400mAh) BP-915 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Same as IQ Back)Rechargeable 7.4V Li-ion Battery or 6 Standard AA Batteries
External AC Adapter
External Battery Pack
User Configurations:6 Customizable Controls
80+ Custom Settings
3 Customizable Dials
A Touch Sensitive Screen w/ 2 Control Keys
Operational User Controls on Front & Rear
3 Custom Presets
Secondary Shutter Release Control
"Classic" or "Simple" Layout on OneTouch UI
Some Customizable Dials & Buttons
36 Custom Settings
3 Custom Dial Modes for Capture Settings
19 Custom Functions
Camera Control Through Capture One:New XF Tethered Controls w/ Capture One Pro 8.3
30% Faster Tethered Shooting w/ Capture One Pro 8.3
Limited: Shutter Release / Aperture / ISO, etc.
Backwards Compatibility: Phase One IQ1/IQ2 Series w/ M MountsOpen Platform Digital Back Mount
Phase One IQ1/IQ2 Series
Phase One P/P+ Series
3rd Party Digital Backs from Mamiya Leaf & Others
Lenses Compatibility:Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter Lenses
Phase One Digital Focal Plane Lenses
Mamiya 645 AFD Lenses
Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter Lenses
Phase One Digital Focal Plane Lenses
Mamiya 645 AFD Lenses
Compatible with Hasselblad V and Pentacon 6 (via Multimount Adapter)
Capture One Pro:Capture One Pro 8.3 or newerCapture One Pro 8.3 or older
Capture from Live View:YesNo
Capture Drive Modes:Single: Yes
Continuous: Yes
Low Vibration: Yes
Exposure Bracketing: 2-5 frames
Single: Yes
Continuous: Yes
Auto Bracketing Steps: 3, 5, or 7
Size:XF w/ 90° Prism Viewfinder: 152 x 135 x 160mm
XF w/ WL Finder: 152 x 173 x 160mm
XF Camera Body: 152 x 108 x 85mm
90° Prism Viewfinder: 68 x 52 x 152mm
WL Finder (closed): 67 x 17 x 57mm
WL Finder (open): 67 x 65 x 57mm
153 x 128 x 184mm (W x H x D)
Weight:With 90° Prism Viewfinder: 1390g
With WL Finder: 1020g
Body w/o Battery: 790g
90° Prism Viewfinder: 500g
WL Finder: 130g
DF+ w/o Battery: 1030g

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