Phase One Lenses

Capture Integration is offering promotional pricing on a variety of open box, and pre-owned Phase One & Mamiya lenses. All lenses are tested by Capture Integration, and include a standard one year warranty. Contact your Capture Integration Account Manager to reserve a lens today.

ProductStandardPromo Pricing
Mamiya 28mm f/4.5 AF D$5,490.00$2,990.00
Phase One 28mm f/4.5 AF D$5,490.00$2,990.00
Phase One 35mm f/3.5 AF D$2,990.00$890.00
Phase One 45mm f/2.8 AF D$2,990.00$1,990.00
Phase One 80mm f/2.8 AF D$1,990.00$690.00
Phase One 75-150mm f/4-5.6 AF D$4,690.00$3,520.00
Phase One 120mm AF f/4 Macro D$4,290.00$3,190.00
Phase One 120mm MF f/4 Macro D$2,990.00$1,290.00
Mamiya 210mm f/4 AF $1,290.00$590.00
Mamiya 300mm f/4.5 AF$1,990.00$890.00
Schneider 28mm f/4.5 LS $5,990.00$4,490.00
Schneider 35mm f/3.5 LS Blue $6,490.00$4,867.00
Schneider 55mm f/2.8 LS Blue$4,990.00$3,992.00
Schneider 80mm f/2.8 LS$3,290.00$990.00
Schneider 80mm f/2.8 LS Blue$3,290.00$2,632.00
Schneider 110mm f/2.8 LS$5,390.00$3,190.00
Schneider 110mm f/2.8 LS Blue$5,390.00$4,312.00
Schneider 150mm f/3.5 LS $5,490.00$3,290.00
Schneider 150mm f/3.5 LS Blue$5,990.00$4,792.00
Schneider 40-80mm f/4-5.6 LS$8,990.00$5,490.00
Schneider 40-80mm f/4-5.6 LS Blue$8,990.00$6,742.00

All pre-owned lenses include a standard one year warranty. Pre-owned lenses are first-come, first served.

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