Editor’s note (7/9/2011): Eizo has announced major price drops for the ColorEdge series. Now save $700 on the 27″ model and save $340 on the 24″ model. Contact us today to place your order.

CG275W-BK $2,564 (was $3,264)
CG245W-BK $2,289 (was $2,629)

Monitors are consumable components in a photographer’s workflow. Sounds painful, right? Monitor technology is growing at a rapid pace, so it feels exhausting to keep up with the latest and greatest gear. But we need to remind ourselves that monitors are the important tools that verify accurate color and serve as a workhorse during tethered shoots.

Capture Integration proudly stands behind the Eizo ColorEdge Monitors. Our customers shoot with the highest quality products in the industry. So it’s natural that they critique the results on the best monitors to translate the colors, tones and resolution they capture. ColorEdge sets the bar for Capture Integration’s product testing and tethering workflow.

This Eizo line is consistently ranked at the top of the list by photographers, retouchers and broadcasters. The most critical components are covered by the ColorEdge displays: accurate color, edge to edge sharpness, fast connectivity and rugged durability. Your eyes will notice the difference after working with this monitor, as you will avoid that common tired feeling that you usually have after a marathon edit session.

ColorEdge monitors offer hardware calibration which means color settings are adjusted inside the monitor so there is no displayable loss of tonalities. The monitors also feature Eizo’s patented technology that stabilizes the monitor’s brightness level after startup or coming out of power saving mode. Another particularly useful feature is the ColorNavigator software – this lets you “softproof” the results for portable digital devices like iPads and notebooks. As a massive bonus, they have a five-year manufacturer warranty that ensures a long service life. So that “consumable” term isn’t as crucial as it used to be.

The easy setup and color management make it an obvious choice for a studio workflow, but many photographers also use this setup on location. The displays feature all of the necessary inputs that will shorten your setup and breakdown times. Calibrating, profiling and adjusting on location has never been so intuitive. After seeing the delicate highlights and rich black tones on the ColorEdge, it will definitely be challenging to return to your old monitor.

If money is not a factor, Eizo is clearly the display of choice. Capture Integration has the 24″ and 30″ models available for sale and rental – use it with your current setup or pair it with our portable workstation. On your next visit to our office, ask us about the Eizo ColorEdge and we will be glad to show you what it’s all about!

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