“Not a Workshop” Workshop | April 17-19, 2015


Dates: April 17-19
Location: Lake Tahoe
Workshop Fee: $349

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Capture Integration Carmel

Did you ever want to just hang out with some good friends in a great location with the best photography gear on the planet? Well then this might be the event that you have been looking for. This definitely isn’t your normal photography workshop. Don Libby of Iron Creek Photography in Tucson, AZ and Ken Doo Photography have been co-hosting this event for five years now. This is an informal workshop that has grown in popularity, selling out in less than two weeks last year.  Now in its 6th year we have decided to take on Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

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Every year we bring the latest Phase One and Mamiya Leaf digital camera systems married with the finest technical cameras from Cambo, Arca Swiss, and Alpa.  It is gear porn as in the image above.  Want to test a lens for your existing system?  Want to use the latest 80mp for a sunrise shoot?  How about an IR or Wide Spectrum capture device?  Request it and we will add it to the inventory.

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Join us for a weekend full of shooting and half day of  Capture One Pro training tailored specifically to the Landscape photographer.  Would you like to request some equipment to test and evaluate? Let us know if you’re interested in a specific digital back, lens or accessory – we are more than happy to accommodate your equipment requests. Contact Capture Integration to submit your equipment requests today. Also check out the Facebook page to see who all will be attending.

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Workshop fee covers the Capture One Pro training, Friday lunch, and Saturday dinner. Attendees are responsible for hotel, meals, and incidentals.  The cost of this non workshop is the best investment that you will make this year.  Come spend some time with some old friends and make some new ones.

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We would love to see you there.  Give us a call or sign up today!