Normally shipments to our clients are relatively compact and minimal affairs – a box that contains an amazing complement of a medium format digital back and camera, perhaps a technical camera like a Cambo Wide or an Arca Swiss RM3Di, and some great lenses, possibly made by Mamiya, Schneider, or Rodenstock. And of course, some important accessories to assist getting the best results. But we do also cater to larger clients, or even individual clients, who wish to purchase all of their photographic equipment through Capture Integration and experience the same type of service, support and close working partnership that we provide for our medium format clients.


This means realizing we sell and support solutions from ProFoto, Broncolor, Eizo, Canon, Leica, Xrite, Sunbounce, Gitzo, Zeiss, Foba, Linhof, TetherTools and more.


Sometimes that means things get a little bit crowded in the office. To my right is about 1/5 of the total delivery for this client. Nowhere else to temporarily store these until the installation date. I’m mostly concerned for my 2 plants, but I think they’ll be alright.


My normally uncluttered home away from home

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