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Not so long ago, I was explaining the new Phase One XT Digital Camera System to a good friend and client, Gary Bogdon, over a round of golf. He had seen all of the coverage of the new product and remembered the process of using a Cambo Technical Camera System with a Phase One back during a past resort shoot.

We decided to make plans to meet at Streamsong, a world-class golf and spa resort in Florida, so Gary could experience the new Phase One XT Camera System. We arrive at 5:00 am so we could get positioned on the top of the number one tee box to shoot the sunrise. As we set up the camera system, Gary commented on how compact and small it was. He also asked where were the cables and shutter release that is used to control the back and lens synchronize? I explained to him that the Phase One XT is fully integrated with an electronic shutter system and there are no wires or cable releases between the lens and the back.

I showed him the camera controls to start live view, which automatically opened the lens so he could focus and compose the shot. Gary used the Phase One XT camera movements to drop the lens so he could create more sky in the composition. He then used the left to right movements to put the clubhouse exactly where he wanted it to appear.

We started exposing the image to create a base exposure. Once we arrived at the base exposure of 6 sec at F/11, he loved the image that appeared on the laptop.  I went on to explain how this new feature for the IQ4 150, called frame averaging, worked. I asked him if he would like to smooth out the details in the water as he would do with a neutral density filter, he quickly said yes but said he didn’t bring his filters. I showed him how the frame averaging tool could be used to increase the exposure from 6 sec to 30 sec, and the IQ4 150 digital back will shoot 22 shots in memory but write one file to the computer or memory card. He was blown away by this ability because he is always using filters to create this effect not only at sunrise but in the middle of the day. I explained that the frame averaging shot eliminates the noise in the shadows too, and we would be able to adjust those to get the balance and feel of the image we would want in Capture One.

After the sunset shoot, we went back to the resort, sat down and reviewed the images. Once we arrived, we saw a few more scenes that seemed worthy of shooting the new XT.

29.580s, Automated Frame Average

Every time we’d set up the system, Gary became more impressed at how easy and how fast he could capture the images. He also could not believe how crisp and smooth the transition of tones was evoked in each image.

Gary has shot multiple images for resorts around the world using Phase One cameras. You can find some of his photographs, printed at over 100 feet wide, in airports. Gary concluded his customer experience session by saying that the combination of the new IQ4 150 Digital Camera Back and the brand new XT Camera System with 32mm Rodenstock HR lens is at a different level. He is a huge fan of frame averaging and enjoys being able to move the lens up and down and left to right while composing.

1m00s, Automated Frame Average

1m00s, Automated Frame Average

Photographer Gary Bogdon

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