The Circleshot philosophy is, that the photographic studio should be able to use as many of its existing tools and equipment as possible, thus letting the Circleshot hardware only fill in the gaps for making 360° / 2.5 D shots in your current studio.

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  • Smooth and controlled acceleration and deceleration
  • Continuous shooting option for live model shooting
  • Allows up to 300 kg weight on turntable
  • Magnet and optional laser alignment to center products easy and quickly
  • Easy retake of single frames
  • Fully powered turntable allowing different platform sizes for multiple sized products (70 cm platform as standard, but expandable up to a 180 cm platform as optional accessory)
The Circleshot product concept is a modular system that expands according to the needs of your clients and the income you generate.
You can see the modular upgrades to the basic system under the accessories tab; these include Extension Kit, Crane, and Top Turn Unit.
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