It’s The BEST Time To Upgrade Your Older Back!

We are almost completely out of inventory of Phase One “P” and “P+” digital backs.   This is the first time in 8 years that Capture Integration has depleted its inventory of CI Certified entry level digital systems and we are ready to make some deals.  We are now offering unprecedented trade in values on your older digital backs toward the Phase One IQ150 digital kit.   We’re offering up to $9,000 trade in value on your current Phase One CCD towards a new 50MP or 100MP CMOS Sensor bundled with the game changing Phase One XF Camera and Schneider 80mm LS Blue Ring lens.

We are accepting P20, P21, P25, P30, P45, P20+, P21+, P25+, P30+, P40+, P45+, and P65+ and offering more on trade than the open market today.  Most likely you have been shooting a Phase One for years and understand the build quality, the image quality, the rock solid tethering system, and you haven’t had the need to upgrade since your system has been so strong.  Because the product has been engineered so well you have been using it as the tool that it was meant to be.  However, you have not been keeping up to date with the new features, the new connectivity, and the expanded lens selections.  Add that along with the innovative design of the Phase One XF, and there are so many reasons to finally make that step and look at moving to the next level of Phase One in your workflow.

Here are 10 strong reasons that it is finally time to upgrade:
  1. High ISO – The CMOS Sensor will bring you up to 6400 ISO capabilities in your medium format system.
  2. USB 3 tethering – Firewire technology has gone away and is much more unstable
  3. CMOS Live View – Clean sharp video preview
  4. Compatibility with the Phase One XF body
  5. Open to the full line of Schneider Leaf Shutter Lenses
  6. High Speed Synching with your strobe up to 1/1600th of a second
  7. Faster Capture rate
  8. Higher Resolution, more detail
  9. 1.1 Million Dot, Touch Screen interface
  10. Because there is nothing better than the Capture One workflow

IQ150 phase one

Payments can be as low as $199

Contact us TODAY for more information!

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