Hot New Products

Capture Integration exhibited at this year’s Photo Plus Expo with two very exciting products, the Phase One XF IQ4 150 Megapixel Digital back and the Alpa 12 Plus Technical Camera. The Phase One XF IQ4 150 Digital Camera system created a lot of buzz in our booth. We displayed a 70 inch print of the Royal Danish Opera House, shot with the BRAND NEW Phase One XF IQ4 150 digital back by landscape photographer, Paul Reiffer.

Capture Integration received a lot of interest from the brand new Alpa 12 Plus Technical camera that was fitted with the ALPA Silex Mk II hosting the Rodenstock 32mm HR lens. We showcased a wide variety of Phase One digital backs that included a 50MP, 100MP and 150MP.

Breathtaking Images

Capture Integration brought along a 75″ 4k monitor to display absolutely STUNNING 100MP images from our talented customers. Be sure to meet us at Photo Plus Expo 2019 to test the latest gear to date!

Special thanks to our clients for allowing us to showcase their spectacular images…

Amr El-Shafei
Andy Lerman
Barry Grossman
Brad Kaye (our very own XF Xpert & Tech Master)
Cam Williams (our very own Rental Guru & Tech Master)
Ed Cooley
Thomas Holdsworth
James Haefner
Jason Koxvold
Jeff Ludes
Paul Reiffer
Jeffery Salter
Kelly Serfoss
Kinya Nippa
Lisa deRecat
Reneé Comet
Riccardo Ullio
R.J. Kern
Zack Arias